What special facilities NFT TONE provides to users and creators?

What special facilities NFT TONE provides to users and creators?

NFT TONE aims at developing one of the most secure NFT platforms. We want to inspire young artists and aspiring talent to create music and do what they love. Therefore, our platform is apt for someone who truly wants to explore the world of music.

Following is a brief overview of what you can do using our platform:



Users can collect a wide range of NFTs on our platform. You can collect rare NFTs and NFTs that have sentimental values attached to them. You can also buy NFTs from new artists and support them. Each artist will have a community, where you can put requests and order special NFTs.


You can support your favorite artists, new artists, and legends by buying parts of their unique NFTs. Fans can show their support by following the sub-communities of artists and by participating in auctions.


Do you love interacting with the ones who share similar interests? If yes, NFT TONE is the perfect platform for you. You can share, follow, and interact with people from other communities. You can even join various creator communities.

Buy some piece of history from your favourite artists



NFT TONE gives you an opportunity to connect your crypto wallet and immediately start uploading content. Our platform specializes in securing ownership. Therefore, you will be the certified owner of everything you put on our platform


Once you have uploaded your content and secured ownership, you can start monetizing your products. You can sell intellectual property through spot selling, auction listing, or royalties from trades between users.

Fanbase creation

Our creators have the option to create their communities or sub-communities. It gives you a chance to build a family and fanbase online. You can interact with your supporters and market your products. Additionally, it opens a path for you to receive feedback and constructive criticism.

NFT TONE is ready to set the tone of the NFT marketspace, no pun intended 😏

We intend at creating an all-in-one NFT platform; therefore, we appreciate your support. Please follow our social media (https://twitter.com/NftTone) and telegram (https://t.me/nft_tone) to show some love!