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What is NFT TONE?

NFT TONE is a decentralized social marketplace offering music artists the ability to connect with each other along with investors and digitally exchange NFTs for their creations within a sustainable and powerful tokenomics system running on the blockchain, giving access to a world of opportunities for those with a passion tied to the entertaining values of music and performance arts.

Full audit and white paper released

White paper image

For Users


Start your collection and cherish diverse ranges of NFTs including rare first editions that hold sentimental value.


Users will be able to support their favourite creators by purchasing editions of their unique NFTs.


User friendly platform where you can share, follow, comment and join specific creator communities.




You will connect your crypto wallet and start securely uploading your creations while protecting your ownership.


Monetize intellectual property through spot selling, auction listing or royalties from trades between users.

Make your fanbase

Gain exposure by connecting with your fans and followers on your own personalized subcommunity.

We are growing

Market Cap






Total Supply

(30% Burned)

Owners Doxxed

Owners Doxxed

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity Locked

Get Rewarded

For each transaction, an 8% tax fee is applied. This fee is then divided for different purpose of benefits.

8% Tax
Tax for each transaction

Furthermore, the 8% goes to

Marketing & charity
2% Tax
2% Tax
2% Tax
2% Burned

We meet objective milestones to make our vision a reality.


• Release website and logo(v1)
• Create smart contract
• Social media setup
• Grow community
• Launch the project
• Launch on PancakeSwap
• CoinGecko listing
• CoinMarketCap listing
• Complete White-paper


• Begin marketing campaigns
• Acquire audit
• Rebrand website and logo (v2)
• Connect with influencers
• Expand community
• Initiate partnerships
• Expand developer team
• Further exchange listings
• Merchandise store


• Begin heavy marketing campaigns
• NFT marketplace launch (web)
• Competitions with big prizes
• Discover new artists and creators
• Begin app development

Our goal is to develop one of the most secure NFT communities to inspire individuals to create and cherish uncredited artists.

“I know there are a lot of people who create great music that never gets heard, art that can provide us with great experiences and trigger intense emotions. I intend to change this”

John CEO

These are the leading people who are standing at the frontline of our project. Working 24/7 to make sure our community is rolling smoothly!


Tommy S




Full-Stack Developer




Community Admins






Community support

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Meet our ambassadors

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Shahyd Legacy

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Are you a musician and wants to be an ambassador?
Send an email to: music@nfttone.net for more information


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