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10 most streamed K-pop songs on Spotify in 2022 - Sportskeeda

K-pop has been slowly taking over the world, and Spotify has taken notice of this rise. Subsequently, millions of people around the world get their K-pop fix from Spotify. To respect this intense love for K-Pop, earlier this year, the music streaming service launched K-Pop ON! Track, a website that showcases interviews, news, trends, and quizzes related to the genre.
Spotify also added a feature on their application that allows fans to merge their favorite music with that of an artist, showing their will to promote Korean music. It also does not come as a surprise that Spotify has a dedicated playlist for fans to stream popular hits. This article looks at 10 K-pop songs with the most streams in 2022 (as of August).
From emotional songs to K-drama OSTs, from upbeat dance numbers to fun collaborations, Spotify’s range of Korean music is diverse.
Presenting the top 10 K-pop songs that have the most streams in 2022 as of August 9.

Released in March as the lead single of their album ODDINARY, MANIAC was streamed 91.02 million times by fans till August. The song speaks about breaking norms and standing out from the “ordinary” crowd.
The mania referred to in the K-pop track is the side that people hide as they are afraid of external opinions. The song says that the repressed parts will eventually rise to the surface. MANIAC fits the story created by Stray Kids in their album, which encourages an individual to accept their little quirks.

One of the most unexpected yet unique collaborations in K-pop this year, That That, garnered 97.58 million streams on Spotify. With BTS’ SUGA producing the track, it was bound to showcase his ability to blend in his own style.
The song is a celebration of post-pandemic life, where things are almost back to normal, and one can laugh, dance, and party like there’s no tomorrow. PSY’s return to music was majestic, elevated by SUGA’s rap verse and a cameo in the music video.

Kep1er’s debut song has been much anticipated by audiences worldwide. The girls did not disappoint and released WA DA DA in January 2022 as part of their mini-album FIRST IMPACT. The song amassed 105.1 million streams on Spotify till August.
WA DA DA was well-liked in the K-pop fraternity, with the TikTok challenge helping the song’s soaring popularity even more. Bahiyyih Huening performed the challenge with her brother, TXT’s Hueningkai, leading to fans of both groups showing love online.
Perhaps the most popular B-side song from their February mini-album, THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE, DARARI, was streamed 107.1 million times till August. TREASURE seems to have touched more pinnacles of popularity with this album, as the lead single (JIKJIN) also led to their first music show win since their debut in 2020.
DARARI also became the group’s first entry into the Global Top 100 on Spotify, making them the first fourth-generation K-pop group to appear on the chart. The song’s addictive melody, beautiful vocals, and coffee shop vibe led to a dance challenge on TikTok that inspired DARARI‘s official choreography.

BTS’ Jimin made his OST debut with this beautiful number from Our Blues, which he sang along with Ha Sungwoon. Released in April 2022, With You seems to have received a stamp of approval from listeners, as it acquired 115.4 million streams in August.
The song speaks of a deep affection that gives one strength, no matter what threatens to pull the lovers apart. With You was among the OSTs that BTS members released.

Another B-side track that became popular due to TikTok, Polaroid Love from ENHYPEN’s Dimension: Answer, was released in January and was streamed 118.2 million times as of August 9, 2022. The song received attention due to its charming lyrics, which spoke of wanting an old-fashioned love that involves polaroids.

Released as part of IVE’s second single album, LOVE DIVE is among the girl group’s most successful singles since their debut. Raking a whopping 119.4 million streams on Spotify, the song entices listeners to take a leap or “LOVE DIVE into the world of modern relationships.
The eight members draw in listeners with their elegant vocals, keeping them on the edge of their seats with delicate high notes. The K-pop track caters to IVE’s strengths to create mesmerizing results with an addictive quality.

One of the only three new songs on BTS’ anthology album Proof, Yet To Come proclaims that despite all they have achieved, their best still lies in the future.
The track (released in June) garnered 129.1 million streams on Spotify until August and proved the staggering numbers the K-pop superstars can pull. The song was the conclusion of BTS’ first chapter, with the group now focussing on solo albums and other ventures to showcase who they are as seven separate units.

Stay Alive was released in February as an OST for the webtoon 7FATES: CHAKHO and has since amassed 135.8 million streams up until August 9, 2022.
Jung Kook’s ability to shape his voice according to the song’s needs comes through here, as he can flawlessly touch high and low notes. On the other hand, SUGA’s incredible production skills elevate Stay Alive.

Whether or not this song comes under the purview of K-pop may be debatable, but it shows the blurred boundaries between traditional pop and K-pop. Left And Right was released in June and were able to garner 162.1 million streams within two months.
Charlie Puth and Jung Kook’s collaborative venture was released as part of the American singer-songwriter’s album Charlie and spoke of a yearning for a lost love. A project close to the Marvin Gaye singer’s heart, Jung Kook, makes the song his own, filling in the spaces with his perfect vocals and taking Left And Right to the next level.
Audio streams may not be the only measure of a successful song, but they are often seen as a mark of immediate popularity. With K-pop spanning genres and Korean artists trying to experiment, one can hope to see greater diversity on the Spotify charts.

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