80K+ signs petition to remove Kanye West music from streaming platforms - The News International
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80K+ signs petition to remove Kanye West music from streaming platforms - The News International

Nearly 90 thousand people signed a petition to urge music streaming platforms to remove disgraced rapper Kanye West from their library.
The Change.org petition fetched 87,486 signs with a target of 150,000. The plea came amid Ye’s continuous anti-Semitic outbursts on social media posts and interviews.
“Kanye West has recently made statements praising Hitler and denying the Holocaust, after over a month of making harmful antisemitic statements,” writes the petition creator, Nathan Goergen.
“Our society has no place for people who spread that kind of hate to be making millions off of their work. I call on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other streaming platforms to immediately remove all of Kanye West’s solo albums and singles from their platforms.”
“By doing this, I hope that we can limit Kanye’s influence on society by eliminating his ability to make money off of people streaming his music,” Goergen continues. “His statements are virtually irredeemable, and the time has finally come for him to receive a major punishment. We cannot let him continue to influence our youth and our society as a whole. Please consider signing this petition.”
Recently, a 63-year-old was attacked in New York’s Central Park by an attacker who yelled, “Kanye 2024,” leading many to point out Kanye West’s constant antisemitism fueled the attack.
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