After Viral Success, Lil Yachty Officially Releases “Poland” to Streaming Services - Okayplayer
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After Viral Success, Lil Yachty Officially Releases “Poland” to Streaming Services - Okayplayer

Music - 2 weeks ago
After becoming the internet’s newest favorite viral hit, Lil Yachty has taken “Poland” to streaming services. Released last week to SoundCloud, “Poland” reached 5 million plays in seven days, with fans vibing to the addictive  “I took the woooooock to Poland” hook. Produced by F1lthy, who also worked on Playboi Carti‘s 2020 album Whole Lotta Red, “Poland” is expected to release on Yachty’s forthcoming album, due to release next year. His latest album Michigan Boat Boy released in April 2021.

Following the song’s release, a music video was dropped to compliment the 90-second track. Over the summer, Yachty released a line of frozen pizzas named Yachty’s Pizzeria, which is available in select Walmart stores with flavors including “Pepperoni & Bacon,” “Hot Honey Cheese,” “Buffalo Style Chicken” and “Veggie Supreme.”
“We made some wild flavors but there’s still something for everybody. I take my pizza seriously so I’m looking forward to seeing what people think,” the rapper said in a statement.
To promote his brand, Yachty spoke with People during the launch, also announcing plans for his next album.
“I didn’t want to put out a couple rap songs and throw people’s energy off of what I’m about to drop,” he said. “I want to make sure the next thing they hear from me is what I’ve been working on, which is very high quality, but it’s a little different. I think everyone will have a lot of appreciation for it.”

Listen to “Poland” below.

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