Record music streaming profits highlight how NFTs will empower content creators

The music sector hit record revenues at $25.9 billion in 2021, which amounts to an 18.5% growth from 2020, according to IFPI’s “Global Music Report.” Of these nearly $26 billion, streaming drove the bulk of the growth, with a 24.3% increase relative to 2020. These patterns constitute great news for the emerging class of NFT musicians and […]

Revolutionizing the music industry, NFT’s are challenging streaming services.


According to a recent Rolling Stones article, A typical Spotify artist earned just over $12 per month. Well that 12$ will go far in a cafe for a day, but making a living off of streaming… well not unless you’re a top tier musician and that’s about just 1% of artists on the various streaming services. If […]

Music NFTs are the natural progression of the NFT’s

Beeple’s $69 million sale at Christie’s by artist Mike Winkelmann sold for $69 million sale at Christie’s. Others are not to far behind with. The highest legitimate sale for a CryptoPunk NFT selling for $11.7 million. While such numbers were unfathomable just a few months ago, investors have taken to NFT’s like Elon Musk has taken to Doge. While […]

#Use NFT TONE’s new playlist feature in your advantage!


Musicians are using NFTs to replace touring revenue, which is a huge problem in the music industry. The traditional methods of touring and album sales are not sustainable, and high-ticket prices have created challenges in the industry. In response to these problems, musicians using NFTs have increased in aggravated numbers as a solution. The most […]