BABYMETAL Share New Song “Monochrome” Ahead of Upcoming Concept Album: Stream - Consequence
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BABYMETAL Share New Song “Monochrome” Ahead of Upcoming Concept Album: Stream - Consequence

The Japanese pop-metal group's fourth album THE OTHER ONE arrives March 24th
BABYMETAL have shared the new song “Monochrome,” the second single from their forthcoming concept album, THE OTHER ONE, arriving March 24th.
“Monochrome” continues the Japanese band’s push into heavier, more extreme territories. Grinding hi-fi riffs separate melodically sung verses, recalling the sonic contrasts of ’90s/’00s alternative metal such as Evanescence and Korn. While there are still elements of the pop-metal sound of yore, BABYMETAL are clearly embracing a darker prog direction with their latest material.
This is also reflected in the ambitious sci-fi concept for the THE OTHER ONE: BABYMETAL were “sealed” from the world after a 10-year journey and were finally recovered within the virtual “METALVERSE” in April 2022 via “THE OTHER ONE restoration project.” Each of the album’s 10 songs represent a theme based on “10 separate parallel worlds” discovered during the restoration project.
“Monochrome” is one of those 10 parallel worlds, in this case “the hopeful wish on Ragnorok, which signifies doomsday in Norse mythology, twinkling across the starry skies in rainbow colors,” according to the press release. As put in other words: “a hopeful wish in a hopeless world.”

BABYMETAL fans can expect the group to roll out three more pre-release singles in the coming months, each dropping in January, February, and March, respectively. Following the LP’s March 2023 release, the Japanese act will then hit the road as support for Sabaton’s UK/European tour dates in April and May.
You can pre-order THE OTHER ONE on vinyl here. Stream the lyric video for “Monochrome” below.

“Monochrome” Artwork:
babymetal monochrome artworkbabymetal monochrome artwork
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