Badman Q reveals music career goals - Tribune Online
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Badman Q reveals music career goals - Tribune Online

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There is a modern historical phenomenon that exists, while there is a discrepancy in the number of men who succeed as singers and composers and these facts ensure to maintain that is a continuous professional activity.
However, throughout man’s history, we can mention a myriad of male music artists and songwriters, many of whom stand out and cause the greatest visibility. However, a great instance of these songwriters, is Chukwuebuka, Quincy Opara Roberts also known as Badman Q. He is a fashion model, singer, and songwriter. His intentions have proven to be bolder, with large collaborations with the top musicians.
Meanwhile, Badman Q’s flair for music is most evident in his aspirations to establish a music school where youngsters can learn and develop their musical talents. Apart from music, he intends to develop his prospect in entertainment in general. As a result, he believes that one of the most difficult tasks for any emerging artist is finding a large budget to compete in this already oversaturated talent-driven market.
Conversely, he is of the mantra that being able to prove to millions that you have what it takes to break out, even though a thousand others are contesting for the same position, which is outlandish sometimes. However, Badman Q asserts that there are a couple of biases and prejudices that occur in the music industry and that songwriters are sometimes a ball game that is paradoxical, and quintessential.
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