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Bandlab Zire and Crowd Review are new online tools for musicians - Gearnews

BandLab Zire is a promotional tool.  ·  Source: BandLab
Introducing two new tools for musicians, Bandlab Zire and Crowd Review help you promote your online profile as an artist and create a community for getting feedback on your work.
After the recent acquisition of ReverbNation, Bandlab is gradually expanding its services for creators. Zire and Crowd Review are online distribution tools that have been integrated into its offerings for musicians and creators.
With Zire, you can create promotional campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and various music streaming platforms.
All it takes is for you to upload the artwork, select a section of your song as teaser content, and determine your campaign goal. From this point, Zire will suggest the advertising methods that will be most effective.
This includes the choice of platform and the length of the campaign. In addition, there is also support to help you along the way.
Get feedback from the community with Crowd Review.
Crowd Review was first introduced back in February 2022 as a tool for receiving critiques on songs. As artists, we often seek feedback from our friends. Unfortunately, this usually leads to typical “yes man” comments.
Instead, Crowd Review provides a platform for real constructive criticism from pros in your field. This way you get honest feedback that helps you become better at your craft. Both Zire and Crowd Review are being rolled out step by step, but if you’re keen to get on board you can register for the test phase.
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