Billboard 200: SZA Makes History as ‘S.O.S’ Reigns at #1 for 1 MONTH - ThatGrapeJuice
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Billboard 200: SZA Makes History as ‘S.O.S’ Reigns at #1 for 1 MONTH - ThatGrapeJuice

SZA has snatched another week at #1 on the Billboard 200 with her sophomore album ‘S.O.S.’
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After fending off Taylor Swift, whose ‘Midnights’ album finished just a few thousand copies short, the R&B star racked up another 125,000 equivalent units this week to extend its spell in pole position.
In doing so, ‘S.O.S’ becomes the first R&B album by a female artist to spend its first four weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 this century (since Janet Jackson‘s ‘janet.’ in 1993). 
Home to hits such as ‘Good Days,’ ‘I Hate U,’ and ‘Kill Bill’, the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Ctrl’ managed the feat thanks again to seismic streams.
Because of the total sum, 121,500 units were amassed by way of 162.42 million on-demand streams of the album’s 23 songs.
SZA’s continued slayage comes as she prepares to set sail on the ‘S.O.S Tour’ - her first arena trek
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Yes, she blocked Taylor Swift !!! Look at that another week at number 1.
And Taylor sold more in 1 week then sza sold in 4 weeks combined 😂😂😂😂😂
#OVERRATED, only cpl good tracks in SZA’s entire discography. Granted I haven’t heard all 23 tracks, that’s way too many. Especially for an artist this BORING.
Your big clogged artery ass is taking up the entire avi. You worrying about the wrong things big mama. YOU MADDDD😅
Where’s the Kill Bill video tho
This bish is ugly as hell. Her voice is meh….. overrated
You mad or naw??? You don’t need to answer. That cus I already know you MADDDD🤣
Y’all heffas have ZERO flavor 💯🤳🏽💋
Coming from a Taylor Swift stan LMAOOOOOO
240 pure sales vs Taylor’s 1.2 million in ONE WEEK 🤣 You TRIED it LMAOOOOOO
Look at all the jealous ass b****** streaming in. Album #1 for a month, sold out arena tour, multiple songs cracking the top 10 at once, I’d say life is good for Solana! Seethe fagggs!
That album ain’t SOLD ish, hunnie 🤣 99.999999% free streams 🤭
They so mad smh
Y’all mad because the b**** ain’t selling 💋
Shayla big bodied transvestite is MAD af😭😭😭😭
Monica’s the queen and SZA the princess of billboards sales💯
The beginning of a new era in music
Lmfaooo y’all are all dumb!!!! SZA doesn’t even have a hard copy album she is pure streaming only! Taylor Swift has sold MILLIONS PHYSICAL COPIES AND STREAMING! *drops mic* do your research!! Still not even selling half of Taylor!! 🤣🤣🤣 YALL TRIED IT!!! Come again next time!! Taylor still runs the music industry!!! You still at the bottom sis!!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! School these tricks! They’ll say you’re me now 🤣🤣🤣
If it were so easy, everyone would be planked at #1 due to streaming ya think? Consumers are actively seeking SZA’s music to stream. That’s commendable. You don’t see many black female artists being this successful anymore. It’s a flex for SZA. Y’all find any reason to HATE.🗣️
The irony, chile! 🤣 Y’all the ones pitting her against and hating Taylor, as if this b**** could EVER! Be real now chile… This b**** doing pure streams while Taylor the one hitting 1.2 million pure sales FIRST WEEK. There IS no comparison. Yet y’all so intent on bringing down white artists that YOU open the door for SZA to get dragged that she ain’t selling s*** when you could just congratulate her on her #1 from STREAMS, and keep it moving… But nah, “y’all find any reason to HATE.”
Be well 💋
Still NOT going to change the fact that SZA is #1 and Taylor is #2. We are living in a streaming Era. Where was all this pure sales talk when Taylor occupied the entire BB hot 100 Top singles chart. FYI Taylor occupied the entire top 10 because of STREAMING u hear that streaming. None of Taylor’s song made it to TOP 5 best selling single of 2022. Since Taylor fans ONLY buy music then is her album the most streamed album ever in a year on Spotify. Stfu up kindly because everyone fans stream
But she didn’t ONLY get streamed… she SOLD 1.2 MILLION PURE SALES FIRST WEEK. What part of that do you not get?
Shayla is such a hypocrite.. it only says pure sales matter when it suits their argument. Any other time it’s #teamstreams. What a FRAUD! Congrats SZA for dominating the top of the charts for a whole month. Y’all BIG MAD😭😭🤣🤣🤣
Wow the whitefags can’t it!!!! 😩😩
Wow SZA can’t sell! 🤣
the next ANTI
🤣😂🤣 screaming! This h o e looks confused in thumbnail💅🏾 what a mess, how come it sold only 770 copies and still can debut #1. Today’s music industry is corrupted seriously
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SZA has unlocked the video for her killer new single ‘Kill Bill.’
Housed on the GRAMMY winner’s sophomore album ‘S.O.S,’ the track became an instant fan-favorite upon the December release of the LP - which has reigned at… Read More
SZA has a global hit on her hands.
Case in point, her song ‘Kill Bill’ is pacing toward a landmark moment in her career.
Full story below…
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