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Boris Release New Surprise Album 'Fade': Stream - Stereogum

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The Japanese power trio Boris has always been a prolific force, but now, in their 30th year as a band, Boris have really cranked up their productivity levels. Earlier this year, Boris released two albums: W, a companion piece to 2020’s NO, and Heavy Rocks (2022), the band’s third LP with the Heavy Rocks title. (Boris can be very confusing.) Today, without any advance warning, Boris have released their third full-length of the year.
The new Boris album is called Fade — or, if you prefer, fade — and it dials into a specific side of the band’s sound. On Fade, Boris go for full-on drone. The songs are long, and they’re light on riffs and vocals and structure. There are six tracks on Fade, and three of them hover in the 15-minute range. If you’re in the mood for a staring-into-infinity trance, then this might be the Boris album for you. Below, stream Fade, watch the video for the track “序章 三叉路 prologue sansaro,” and read a statement from the band.
fade by Boris
Boris write:
Break into the present, post-pandemic era. Memories of the world wrapped in disorder and uncertainty already bring feelings of nostalgia. Every individual was cut off from society, but now have returned as one.
Among that disorder like a primitive scenery, did you have fear? Did you doze off? Or in an extreme state of mind, did you even feel some comfort in the solitude?
Among that disorder, did you make eye contact with yourself, or did you not experience such a moment?
Now, wrapped in a thunderous roar, your whole body will be caressed on the way to awakening.
Morning comes.
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