Britney Spears in Danger? Police Visit Singer After Concerning … - Music Times
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Britney Spears in Danger? Police Visit Singer After Concerning … - Music Times

Britney Spears’ fans called the cops and asked them to do a welfare check after the singer made a worrying move.
Unnamed law enforcement sources confirmed to a news outlet that police responded to Spears’ home to see if the singer was in danger. They reportedly received calls asking them to check on her after she deleted her Instagram account - although she has done it several times in the past.
Still, fans were left alarmed as they saw it as a sign Spears might be in trouble.
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office received the calls, prompting them to send deputies to the “Toxic” singer. Upon checking, they said there was no reason to believe or say she was in danger.
The confirmation, however, did not reveal whether they spoke to Spears herself or her representative.
The worrying news came weeks after Spears was reportedly spotted having a manic meltdown while having dinner with her husband, Sam Asghari, in the Woodland Hills area.

Bystanders reportedly took videos and photographs of her, causing the singer to hide her face behind the place’s menu. As the crowd did not stop, Spears got triggered and started yelling. Asghari was seen leaving her, as well.
Eyewitnesses called it a “manic episode,” but the couple explained that a different thing happened.
“Everybody’s filming, everybody’s doing their thing. … I went to get the car to get the hell out of there,” he said. “People just thought I’d left. But that didn’t happen. It is what it is, man.”
Asghari expressed how frustrating it was to try to have a meal but people around them started filming them. He then called the action “disrespectful.”
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The “…Baby One More Time” singer also condemned the reports in an Instagram post. She said that, while she was a little drunk, she knew everyone was watching her every move.
She referenced her 13-year conservatorship, saying that people still talk about the negative things that happened in the past.
For what it’s worth, Spears underwent the legal arrangement under her father from 2008 until the court canceled it in November 2021.
She had been vocal about the exploitation she went through and how her father should be in jail for abusing her. Jamie Spears repeatedly denied the accusations.
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