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Burna Boy "Last Last" Single Stream, MV - HYPEBEAST

Burna Boy has unveiled his newest LOVE, DAMINI single, “Last Last.”
Produced by Chopstix, who also worked on “Outside,” “Last Last” hears a sample of Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough” and hears Burna Boy open up about his past relationships while coming to terms with his own feelings and the reassurance that everything will be fine. The cut also arrives with an accompanying music video directed by the artist himself, which sees him at home and other locations handpicked by Burna Boy.
Speaking to Billboard, he revealed the meaning behind his upcoming album’s title and describes it as a love letter to his fans. “That’s how I like to sign all my letters…It’s a bit personal [because] it’s bringing you into my head on my birthday — when you turn 31 and ain’t got no kids, everything is going good and bad at the same time. You reflect and then you get as lit as possible. Then you sleep and wake up and reflect again. I’m reflecting on everything — what I’m doing and what’s happening where I’m from. Where I’m from is a part of where I’m going,” he said.
Watch Burna Boy’s “Last Last” music video above.
In other music news, stream Kendrick Lamar’s newest album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers.

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