Can You Learn Music Production Online? Answering Your Most Asked Questions About An Education In Music Production - Magnetic Magazine
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Can You Learn Music Production Online? Answering Your Most Asked Questions About An Education In Music Production - Magnetic Magazine

Is learning music production online a real option?
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In today's digitized world, there's no shortage of online resources for those looking to learn music production. 
While it's true that nothing can replace the experience of working with a professional producer in a studio setting, plenty of web-based tutorials and courses can teach you the basics of music production. And with a bit of practice, you may have a knack for it. So if you're wondering whether learning music production online is possible, the answer is a resounding yes!     
There are many ways to learn music production online
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These days, you can learn just about anything online - including music production. Whether you want to learn the basics of DJing or become a seasoned producer, there are plenty of ways to get started. 
One popular option is to take an online course. These courses can provide a comprehensive overview of music production, from choosing the right equipment to mixing and mastering your tracks. Another option is to watch online tutorials. These can be great for learning specific techniques or tips and tricks. 
And, of course, there are plenty of free resources available online, including blog posts, forums, and YouTube videos. So whatever your level of experience, there's no excuse not to get started with music production today. Here are the few most popular ways to study music production:
You can learn anything you want to know about music production on YouTube. It's crazy just how much knowledge is out there you can get completely for free. But there is a problem.
While YouTube has an almost infinite number of priceless gems of information that can elevate your game as a producer, you will have to sift through thousands of hours of remedial information, incorrect knowledge, and advertisements. 
YouTube, for all its many benefits, is a gamble as you never really know if the information you are consuming is the best way to produce, and the last thing you want is to learn bad habits that take years to unlearn. 
You could go the old-fashioned way of learning to produce music, going to your local community college or university. But to be honest, I have found that this is the least effective way to go about it. If anything, standard universities don't move fast enough to keep up with how rapidly the production space changes. 
Music production is in a constant state of flux and revolution, and more state schools and community colleges are stuck in whatever era they were founded in and attending a state school for production will most likely see you learning how to produce on old computers using DAWs that are three versions behind industry standards. 
Schools like Point Blank have fantastic brick-and-mortar school options, but that is because they specialize in nothing but the music industry and production. They are ahead of the curve because it is their entire business model. 
There has been an entire industry built upon online masterclasses that claim to teach you everything you need to know about producing music. These masterclasses are often the best way to approach music production, as they are current, adaptable, and often teach you how to do things in the proper order. 
That last thing is the most important thing of all because learning how to do things in the right order helps add context to almost everything you do. So much time can be wasted by newer producers who flounder in the studio trying to teach themselves the complex art of producing. 
Sure, online courses and masterclasses often teach you everything you could have learned on YouTube. Still, the investment is justified because you know they are taught by the pros, have a streamlined approach, and often help you connect with an entire community of members and alumni! It's a win/win/win.
Learn online with a dedicated course
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With technology, there are an endless amount of ways to gain knowledge. However, one of the best ways to learn online is still with a dedicated online course. 
With a course, you benefit from the expertise of a professional instructor who can help you to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter. In addition, classes are typically structured in a way that helps to keep you on track and motivated. 
Furthermore, many courses offer interactive features, such as forums and live chat, which can provide a more engaging learning experience. So if you want to learn something new online, check out some dedicated courses.
Learning Music Production Online to Improve skills as a producer
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Learning online can be a great way to improve your craft if you're looking to take your music production skills to the next level. With so many different courses and tutorials available, you can easily find one that suits your learning style and needs. 
And best of all, you can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. In addition, online courses often come with helpful resources like video lectures, downloadable files, and forums where you can ask questions and get feedback from other producers. 
So if you're serious about becoming a better music producer, learning online is definitely worth considering.
Dive deeper with Point Blank's Ableton Live Production Course
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While looking for my learning journey, I came across Point Blank Music School, which piqued my interest. Point Blank Music School has a range of courses that can help you develop your musical skills and take them to the next level. 
From Sound Design and Music Production to DJing and Mixing, they have a course for everyone. And with world-renowned instructors leading the way, you can be sure you're getting the best possible education. So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Point Blank Music School can help you take your music career to the next level.
As your guide over the next few months, I will try out Point Blank's Ableton production course. This course is designed to teach the basics of music production using Ableton Live, one of the market's most famous music production software programs. 
Over the coming weeks, I'll go through each module of the course and share my thoughts and experiences along the way. I hope that by the end of this journey, I'll better understand music production and be able to produce my own tracks! 
So follow me on this journey, and I'll share some valuable tips that can help you on your path to producing your tracks.
Thanks for joining me on this adventure - let's get started!