Christmas Day Fire In Pittsfield Leaves Family Without A Home - Live 95.9
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Christmas Day Fire In Pittsfield Leaves Family Without A Home - Live 95.9

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A kitchen fire at a Pittsfield residence that occurred late Christmas afternoon has left a family of five without a home for the time being. The fire occurred at 23 East Mill Street in Pittsfield:
According to Deputy Fire Chief Daniel Garner, the fire apparently started in the kitchen on the first floor of a three-family home. The Pittsfield Fire Department responded to the scene at approximately 4:40 p.m. Christmas Day.
Upon arrival, firefighters found smoke and flames venting from windows on the first floor. The structure itself is a 2-and-a-half-story apartment building with three living units.
Firefighters went to work and eventually got the fire under control in roughly 20 minutes. Deputy Chief Garner reported there was fire damage to the kitchen and smoke damage throughout the first floor of the structure.
The other two living units in the apartment building were not affected and most importantly there were no injuries or casualties among the civilians or the firefighters. The family of five that was displaced was being assisted by the American Red Cross.
Once again, great work from the Pittsfield Fire Department, and thank goodness no one was injured. Thanks for doing your best to keep everyone safe, holidays included!