December 2022: 7 Reggae/Dancehall Songs Worth Streaming - DancehallMag
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December 2022: 7 Reggae/Dancehall Songs Worth Streaming - DancehallMag

As the year comes to a close, this final list has some really good tunes that are a welcomed respite from the dunce theme in dancehall. Sting was the 26th of this month, and it would have been an excellent platform for many of the conflicts that dominated the headlines in the last two weeks. However many of the conflicts dominating the headlines did not produce songs, so a great deal of the tension for the season was, unproductive. Still, there were some good hits released that outshone the tension and animosity that was in the air.
This new track by Bugle is a great reminder of why artists of his caliber and experience, who are concerned with balance in the music, are necessary. There has been a great deal of criticism of the dunce culture and much of it has been talking down. However, in this song, Bugle breaks it down to the youngsters with a sense of grace that others haven’t. Lines like “Love how you a mek di money although you nuh bright. But name haffi sign so go learn how fi write.”
The lyrics are coming from a place of understanding and a desire to advise and help rather than tear down. 
Starr Dawkins is one of dancehall’s newest acts and this collab track with Jahshii is an ideal addition to her introductory run. The single titled 4Life is a romantic duet in which the two enact a classic forever-type Jamaican love story. This track makes the list as a great addition to the christmas cuffing section of the jam. It speaks of a contemporary romance between a tough well to do man and a ride or die woman with the ability to change him.
With one of the biggest songs for the year in Dark Room, and the best Sting 2022 performance, Shane O easily makes the end-of-year list with his new single Wicked People. The single bears the usual melodic and rythmic trappings of Shane O’s biggest hits. With some great backup vocals and creative harmonizing of his own voice, this production still manages to stand out as a sort of prayer or meditation. Along with inspiring melodies, the relatable, witty, and potent lyrics of this new track, it lands easily in his top 10 hits so far.
Silk Boss strikes again with a good closer for the year. This single feels like one of those sleeper hits, and with the new year carryover that usually happens in terms of year-end hits, this release might be a part of a long game.  The theme of the song is obviously paranoia, something many Jamaicans can relate to right now, with a constantly rising murder rate. Just going outside feels like a security risk and this track in many ways strikes at the emotional core of that shared experience locally. The artist has had an interesting but frutiful year so this latest track isn’t a bad end.
Malie Don is one of the younger acts that came to the fore this year with great potential. His lyrical prowess has been proven time and again, but this latest single Michigan is more than that. It’s a glimpse into the potential and variety that the young gun has to offer. With an inspirational mood and introduction, the song automatically opens up the audience base to a broader cross-section of the population. He has a great message that indicates focus on his part despite his ongoing feud and prematurely-ended clash with Pablo Yg at Sting 2022. 
This new track comes as somewhat of a surprise with iconic dancehall producer Rvssian jumping on vocals with his frequent collaborator Skeng. The track is an upbeat party club-type banger that touches lightly on the topic of friends switching. Though Rvssian has been known to jump on a track, they have been few and far between. His work with SkenG has been consistent, and he was even recently seen gifting the young artist a Rolex at his Beast Of The Era EP launch. 
Stalk Ashley and Valiant have created a great heartbreak story. It’s a great release and it spells good things for both of their careers. Stalk possesses a certain edge, mixed with soul that is reminiscent of a Jamaican Keyshia Cole in this new single. Valiant matches the energy with his apologetic melodies and regretful crooning. This single represents a great pairing of brands for two artists who are at similar points in their young careers and it might be an excellent way for them to create opportunities together in the future in the form of performances. 
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