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Derry Girls soundtrack Netflix: Why streaming service uses different songs - The Tab

Extremely unnerved that it doesn’t use Like A Prayer for Orla’s talent show routine
Where did you first watch Derry Girls? On Channel 4? All 4 (Typing that killed me, as I swear to only call it by its true name, 4OD, and I will do so in my personal life until the end of time)? Or Netflix? If it was the latter, I hate to break it to you, but you’ve had the experience all wrong. Deeply wrong. So wrong that it feels illegal, actually - ironically enough, considering the reason why your experience was wrong is due to legal reasons. You may not have watched Derry Girls in the way that god and Sister Michael intended - because if you watched it on Netflix then the music was changed from what it was originally meant to be on the soundtrack. Here’s why the Derry Girls soundtrack changes on streaming.
It has come to the attention of the internet that when Derry Girls is streamed on Netflix, major songs change in the soundtrack. The biggest and most devastating example of this is at the end of season one episode six, when Orla is doing her step aerobics talent show performance. The use of Like A Prayer by Madonna (the best song in music history as far as I’m concerned) here is iconic and timeless and works perfectly, but for Netflix audiences the show uses Pray by Take That instead. This is due to licensing laws - Channel 4 has a blanket license for usage of music but this changes for Netflix streaming and international audiences.
No songs by Dropkick Murphys appear on the Netflix streaming version of the Derry Girls soundtrack, either. There’s also no Salt-N-Pepa and the Johnny Cash song used is a cover rather than the original. When Jenny Joyce gets crowned prom queen in season two, it uses The Winner Takes It All for the music instead. A lot of songs also have Irish instrumentals as the replacements. So, if you want to watch the show as intended, buckle up for adverts on All 4 or prepare to be a wee bit gutted. Wise up, Netflix!
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