Diddy on how his son King Combs is making his way in the music industry - ABC News
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Diddy on how his son King Combs is making his way in the music industry - ABC News

Diddy said there's been "no coaching or prompting" from him.
Like father, like son. That saying applies to rapper, producer and record executive Diddy and son King Combs, who share a passion for music and creating.
The two recently spoke about their musical ventures in an interview with Billboard and how Combs, 24, is helping to carry out his father's legacy.
According to Diddy, Combs, whose real name is Christian, showed interest in keeping Bad Boy Entertainment alive even when the label was on hiatus.
"I had stopped Bad Boy. Sometimes you gotta leave the game when it's hot, you know? A lot of things were changing with streaming and everything," he explained. "One day I woke up and he had a Bad Boy chain on. I'm like, 'Bro, Bad Boy is on pause for a second.' He's keeping Bad Boy alive and taking it to the next level without even no coaching or prompting from me."
Diddy said he did not provide Combs with assistance in the music industry, against the advice of his son's late mother, Kim Porter. Combs, however, holds no grudge and told Billboard that he understood that Diddy "wasn't going to help me give me no producer help, writer help, because he didn't want me to ever have to lean on him or depend on him."
That hard work appears to be paying off, as Combs now has collaborations with Teyana Taylor, Kodak Black and more. He recently scored #1 on Billboard's Mainstream R&B Hip-Hop Airplay chart with his hit "Can't Stop, Won't Stop."
He and his father plan to come out with new music in 2023.
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