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Electronic Music Industry Tops $6 Billion In 2021, Makes Key Strides In Web3: IMS Business Report -

Zachary Smith
Dance music artists are also topping the list of the most in-demand creators in the NFT space.
According to the newly published annual IMS Business Report 2022, electronic music continues to have an optimistic growth trajectory in a variety of key areas.
As a sector, electronic music was valued at $6 billion in 2021, which is up 71% from 2020, but down 20% from 2019. Throughout the report, encouraging signs of the industry bouncing back in the aftermath of the pandemic continue to be apparent. Metrics including the number of festivals that book electronic artists and the quantity of search results for flights to Ibiza are up significantly year-over-year, but there's still ground to cover when it comes to achieving the pre-pandemic levels of 2019.
While the world was in a variable state of lockdown over the last two years, dance music made key strides in the digital arena. In 16 of 28 Spotify streaming territories studied, electronic music's share grew in the Spotify Top 200 charts. Even more impressively, as the downloads market declined 15% as a sector, Beatport countered the trend by posting 13% growth last year. Stylistically, tech house and techno continue to reign supreme on the music marketplace, where they've remained dominant over the last three years.
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Dance music artists are also topping the list of the most in-demand creators in the NFT space.
Play-Doh is proving to be an artistic medium for Nolan Wall, who has assembled a collection of colorful clay art pieces to honor Daft Punk, Porter Robinson and more.
Hardwell's "BLACK MAGIC" continues right where his heated third single, "F*CKING SOCIETY," left off.
Streaming services were not the only means by which artists connected with fans in the pandemic era. NFTs are playing a revolutionary role in the creator economy, and dance music artists are at the forefront of adoption.
"During the pandemic, the technology skyrocketed… We’ve seen developers push the tech and the use-cases so much—it blows my mind how much it evolved in such a short period of time,” said Chloe Janicki, Head of Web3 for deadmau5's 720mau5fund. 
Electronic artists were first on the scene and have become early winners of the trend. According to the report, seven of the top 10 most in-demand artist NFTs are by dance artists the likes of 3LAU, Steve Aoki and more.
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The metaverse remains a Wild West, but prominent rights-holders are beginning to enlist services to protect their financial interests.
Steve Aoki’s early adoption of NFTs has paid off, and he remains a believer in the technology’s future.
The new report recommended the implementation of an equal 50/50 royalty split between artists and their labels.
Candy Cult is a collection of 6,666 vibrant, festival-ready avatars designed to support a social cause.
Despite another vexing year for the electronic dance music community, it remained as captivating as ever.
Benny Benassi, Carl Cox and more have thrown their weight behind DJenerates.
India Jordan, who shared the list on Twitter, issued a call to action to bookmark and share the list in support of the artists.
Like many other electronic music artists, MELVV recently discovered a latent love of Web3 after parting ways with a major label due to creative differences.



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