FIFA 23 songs: Study finds the most popular hits in the EA franchise - GIVEMESPORT
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FIFA 23 songs: Study finds the most popular hits in the EA franchise - GIVEMESPORT

FIFA 23 was released this week amid much hype and fanfare.
While the actually business of playing football is the key attraction of the game, one of the added bonuses always comes in the form of the soundtrack, with the franchise delivering some absolute bangers down the years.
But which is the most popular FIFA song of them all?
Well, thanks to a study conducted by Insure4Sport using Spotify streaming data, we can answer that very question.
Heat Waves by Glass Animals is officially the most popular FIFA song of all time, that’s according to Spotify streaming data.
The song has been played more than two billion times on the music streaming platform and it’s certainly one of the most memorable that’s ever been included on the FIFA franchise.
The Oxford band’s song featured on FIFA 21 and it was also a regular in the UK music charts.

Some big tracks from the likes of Avicii, Imagine Dragons, Blur and Muse feature on the study and also some songs you may have forgot about.
The Nights by Avicii featured in FIFA 15 and that has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify.
You should see me in a crown by Billie Eillish and Imagine Dragons’ On Top Of The World has just under 700 million plays.
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FIFA 16 song Way Down We Go by KALEO rounds off the top five but that isn’t the end of the brilliant tracks on the list.

Hurt Me is on FIFA 23 Official Soundtrack @EASPORTSFIFA
This year’s game came out earlier this week and Ojitos Lindos by Bad Bunny feat. Bomba Estereo is included on the new edition.
That song has already been played over 586 million times so expect that song to climb once the FIFA players start to add it to their playlists.
There was a big rivalry between Blur and Oasis in the 1990s but one band has the bragging rights when it comes to the FIFA soundtracks.
Song 2 by Blur was the biggest song on FIFA 94 and it appears in eighth position with over 567 million streams.
There are some massive songs by some of the biggest names in the music industry that can’t break into the top 10 in terms of the number of streams.
Supermassive Black Hole by Muse and Blue Monday by New Order both appeared on editions of the FIFA series in the mid-noughties – they’re in 11th and 13th position respectively.
A classic song remembered by many will be Jerk it Out by Caesars, which should be much higher but unfortunately, it’s only been played just over 195 million times.
It’s only good enough for 16th place but that’s no mean feat with the competition it has had to contend with over the years.
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