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Flatbush Zombies Launch 'The Zombieverse' Online Platform With Unreleased Demos, Exclusive Content, More - Live for Live Music

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Flatbush Zombies joined the blockchain on Thursday with the launch of The Zombieverse. The new web3 collaboration between the hip-hop trio and Cool World will serve as a music and gaming platform offering fans access to unreleased music, exclusive content, and more.
The Zombieverse captures the intersection of Flatbush Zombies’ artistic originality and commitment to emerging technologies. The trio, comprised of Meechy DarkoZombie Juice, and Erick Arc Elliot, created the platform as a new way to engage with fans and connect them to one another. The site hosts the group’s new dedicated chatroom, The Graveyard, where fans can interact directly with the Zombies. The Zombieverse also includes the Zomb-E-Mart online store where users can access exclusive merchandise and new content. Fans can unlock new content by completing site-wide quests as well as competing in the Arcade.
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Additionally, The Zombieverse will serve as a new way for Flatbush Zombies to disseminate archival media. The platform launched on Thursday with two collectible editions of the Zombies’ 2016 album, 3001: A Laced Odyssey. Playable using the web3 COOL D.I.S.C. audio player, the new digital editions feature 3D artwork and custom typography designed by Erick The Architect. Lastly, Flatbush Zombies have three never-before-heard demos, The DeadDemos, accessible by completing the community-driven season one Quests.
Fans can access The Zombieverse here using traditional Web 2.0 logins such as email or social media accounts, or by using their Web 3.0 wallet. Flatbush Zombies worked closely with Cool World to ensure that the platform is as accessible to the crypto-fluent as it is to longtime fans. The Zombieverse is built on the Polygon, an eco-friendly blockchain network that recently pledged $20 million to offset its CO2 emissions in a commitment to carbon neutrality.

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