From School to Stardom: The Rise of Music Producer Sanat Sawant - KAZI. Magazine
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From School to Stardom: The Rise of Music Producer Sanat Sawant - KAZI. Magazine

Sanat Sawant, a prodigious music producer, has distinguished himself in the industry through his exceptional talent and dedication. Commencing his musical journey at the tender age of sixteen, he has attained the status of a burgeoning luminary in the music industry. Despite the obstacles and limitations imposed by his school years, Sawant persisted in his pursuit of music production and has achieved acclaim through his tireless efforts and perseverance.
Sawant discovered his passion for music production in his leisure time post-school, initially indulging in the craft for mere amusement. However, he soon became fully absorbed in the process, dedicating countless hours to experimenting with various sounds and techniques, honing his skills, and creating novel and imaginative music. His debut song “Calamity” was released whilst he was still in school and received a favorable reception. Subsequently, he disseminated the song globally on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. At that time, only a limited number of individuals were aware of his talent, yet he managed to establish a reputation for himself through his unwavering hard work and commitment.
Sawant exhibited a palpable proclivity for music production from an early age, and steadfastly sought to make it his profession. He possessed a lucid and unwavering conception of his aspirations, and toiled assiduously to bring them to fruition. Despite encountering various impediments and tribulations along the path, Sawant never wavered in his determination. He was cognizant that triumph in the realm of music would not be easily attained, yet he was willing to exert the necessary effort and commitment to attain it.
Sawant’s professional endeavors have been adorned with a plethora of noteworthy accomplishments, including the seminal tracks “Astronomia” and “Gangsta’s Paradise,” both of which have garnered over a million plays on various digital platforms. These compositions have earned him a substantial following and have become a mainstay in the playlists of many disc jockeys. Additionally, he has remixed a selection of highly popular songs, which have achieved significant acclaim. Furthermore, he will feature in the forthcoming Bollywood film “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan” scheduled for release in 2023, representing a monumental achievement for him as it serves as a substantial platform to showcase his artistic virtuosity to a wider audience. These accomplishments are indicative of Sawant’s exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to his craft.
Sawant is also a fervent video gamer and maintains a YouTube channel devoted to the gaming community. He is a devout enthusiast of the PUBG (Mobile) game, and has competed in the PMIS (Pubg Mobile India Series), securing a respectable third-place finish. This exemplifies his dedication and fervor for gaming. Additionally, he is an avid cricketer and has served as captain of his school team. These extracurricular activities afford him a respite from his pursuits in music production, providing a refreshing change of pace. His predilection for gaming and cricket attest to his multi-faceted personality, demonstrating that he is not limited to a single dimension.
When queried on counsel for burgeoning musicians, Sawant stresses the paramountcy of self-assurance, diligence and forbearance. He posits that possessing a lucid and articulated vision, along with a comprehensive plan to accomplish it, is crucial. He advises aspiring musicians to exert themselves, exhibit patience, and continually educate themselves on the intricacies of the music industry. He also accentuates the significance of adhering to one’s distinct style and aesthetic, rather than attempting to emulate others. Furthermore, he encourages the utilization of various online resources and the cultivation of connections within the industry.

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