Golden Globes Performer Chloe Flower's Song 'Golden Hour … - Just Jared
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Golden Globes Performer Chloe Flower's Song 'Golden Hour … - Just Jared

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Pianist, composer, and producer Chloe Flower is set to take the stage at tonight’s 2023 Golden Globes, and we have the full audio of the song she’ll be performing, “Golden Hour”!
The 37-year-old entertainer has been prepping hard for her live performance at the show, airing tonight on NBC.
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About the song, Chloe told the Globes, “It’s a song that I wrote and it’s very cinematic. I love film music, especially instrumental and classical. I feel like a lot of times as a classical student, we were taught Schoenberg’s famous saying, ‘If it’s for the masses, it’s not art. And if it’s art, it’s not for the masses.’ I feel like film music has this exception. It can be almost classical, but it still has that accessibility and that’s why I love listening to film scores.”
About what we can expect from her performance, she shared, “I think it’s going to be totally different from what I’ve been told. I’ve been watching them since I was little, but up until this Golden Globes, I’ve never seen a live musician playing. I think it’s really cool and it will be an intimate vibe, solo piano only. I’ve never done anything like this. The Globes have never seen anything like this. I think it’s going to be such a unique experience for them to see a live musician.”
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Stream Chloe Flower’s Golden Globes song “Golden Hour” below…