How Airtel Wynk Studio Is Making a Difference for Independent Artists - TelecomTalk
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How Airtel Wynk Studio Is Making a Difference for Independent Artists - TelecomTalk

How Airtel Wynk Studio Is Making a Difference for Independent Artists
Music is a feeling that touches souls and tends to elevate mood, motivate, get us going, and be productive. Everyone has a music preference, and we hardly see anyone disliking music. However, music as a creative talent needs a platform to reach a large audience. So, what’s better than the digital streaming platform of the telco itself?
Envisaging the need for a Music distribution ecosystem for independent artists and the potential of the Music Industry, Bharti Airtel, in August 2022, launched Wynk Studio, India’s largest music distribution ecosystem for independent artists based in India and overseas.
Wynk studio will enable artists to launch their music and partner with them in monetizing their music on various platforms. Wynk Studio will be an addition to Airtel’s digital products portfolio, which includes Wynk, Airtel Xstream, Airtel Ads, Airtel IQ and others. So if you are an independent music artist, Airtel Wynk Studio is your go-to platform to monetize your passion for music and talent.
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Wynk Rewind helps listeners with their Music history and artists to understand users’ music tastes.
Music has no language barrier, as anyone will connect to a song’s emotion. So, if you are a budding artist or an experienced professional, all you need is a platform that will help you reach millions of music fans. Thus, with Wynk Studio, you have an all-in-one platform to get discovered, distribute songs and connect with fans. In addition, you can stream your music to millions of fans through Wynk Studio platforms.
Wynk studio plans to launch 5000 independent artists on the platform in the coming months. This platform will help independent artists and bring unknown talent to the limelight. The studio platform also provides independent artists with three pressing music industry problems: Discovery, Monetization and Analytics.
Rs 100 crore is earmarked to promote local talent, with 300+ artists from India, Singapore and the United States already signed and streaming on the platform.
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Discovery: Wynk Studio helps artists launch their music on the Wynk Music app and other platforms. Wynk Music, already topping the Google Play store charts in the music category, is a favourite among music listeners, giving artists access to a large platform.
Monetization: This aspect helps artists achieve a good number of streams within the timelines, ensuring consistent earnings and progress in their music career.
Analytics: This is the best aspect as artists get access to know what streams well with what kind of audience. These data analytics and insights will help artists come up with commercially viable music tracks.
Indians spend an average of 21 hours per week listening to music against a global average of 18 hours. Moreover, about 30 per cent of the top-performing songs across any music platform in India are today from independent artists. Inferring the music trends, according to Wynk, independent artists are ready to drive the growth of the Music Industry from around Rs 2000 crore to Rs 3000 crore by 2025.
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Artists can select a Studio version right for their usage, which includes Artist, Label and Poscaster versions. In addition, Wynk studio gives artists access to 75+ million listeners across languages and genres through Wynk Music. With Wynk Studio, independent artists will now have an opportunity to take their voice to the audience directly through Airtel’s digital platforms. Thus Wynk is leveraging technology and telco expertise to enable independent and regional artists to showcase their music to the World.
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