How BTS Fans Are Celebrating Jimin's Birthday in 2022 - Showbiz Cheat Sheet
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How BTS Fans Are Celebrating Jimin's Birthday in 2022 - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Happy Jimtober to those who celebrate. This year, fans shared their love for this BTS member with Be (Deluxe Edition)-themed exhibits, Times Square billboards, and new streaming goals for Jimin’s solo music. Here are some of ARMYs’ Jimin-inspired birthday projects for 2022. 
This year marks important milestones for several BTS members. J-Hope headlined Chicago’s Lollapalooza Music Festival, becoming the first Korean artist to do so. Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth for “Left and Right.” 
ARMYs also anticipate the release of Jimin’s solo music, which may or may not correspond with his birthday. A Libra sun sign, Jimin’s birth date is Oct. 13, 1995. That makes Jimin the only BTS member with a birthday in October. 
As a result, some ARMYs took to social media, already sharing their well wishes with the “Filter” performer.
Because fans will not physically be with Jimin for his birthday this year, some are getting creative with celebrations. Because BTS cannot accept gifts anymore, fans gift these artists by listening to their solo music.
Jimin’s “With You” has a goal of 165 million Spotify plays, while “Filter” has a goal of 330 million streams on the music platform. As of Oct. 9, ARMYs already reached four of their streaming goals.
This year, Jimin will have his own Times Square Screen in Manhattan, available for viewing from Oct. 10 through Oct 16. Created by fans, this features a happy birthday message for the artist and appears periodically for 24 hours per day.
ARMYs changed their Twitter headers specifically for “Jimin Day,” with some fan-created art available in pink, purple, and “dark versions.” This year, there’s a public exhibit inspired by Jimin’s Be (Deluxe Edition) photo concept. That’s a room covered with flowers available for viewing in South Korea.
ARMYs also donated to specific charities inspired by this vocalist. In 2022, that’s the Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation (BTF) — a nonprofit dedicated to the prevention and treatment of thalassemia.
Baby Mochi became the recipient of lavish birthday celebrations, including cafe parties and public displays in Seoul. In honor of Jimin’s live performance of “Serendipity,” fans erected a life-size bubble of the artist. 
In 2020, Jimin became the first Korean artist to have a themed festival in Myeongdong. According to the International Business Times, his birthday celebration was advertised “on over 3000 large screens in Seoul Metropolitan Subway, a major underground transportation hub in Seoul.”
With the BTS members each having their own Instagram accounts, fans anticipate posts from RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, V, and Jungkook on Jimin’s birth date. Until Jimin’s solo project debuts, already-released BTS music is available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.
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