How many songs are uploaded to Spotify and other streaming services every day? - RouteNote
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How many songs are uploaded to Spotify and other streaming services every day? - RouteNote

How many songs are added to Spotify and other DSPs every day? According to music streaming data over 100,000 songs are uploaded daily – the biggest milestone yet for the world of streaming.
That mammoth number was announced recently by record label bosses from two of the Big Three major labels, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Both CEOs spoke at music industry events and quoted the number which was then reported by the good folks at Music Business Worldwide.
100k every day is a huge stat, but hardly surprising with the availability of digital music distribution. Never mind the major labels – as an independent artist or record label you need your songs across as many platforms as possible to reach the biggest audience, and distributors like RouteNote make it easy for you to send unlimited tracks to a wide range of platforms and stores.
How about the total number of songs on individual streaming platforms? Apple Music just announced a milestone of 100 million songs in total on the streaming app. A colossal amount – SoundCloud, however, has the most tracks in 2022 with over 300 million. Check out the top ten biggest streaming services here.
As an artist, you’ll probably be wondering how on this green and blue planet you’re supposed to break through the noise and get noticed when there’s that many new releases dropping every single day.
The number of songs uploaded to Spotify and all the other streaming platforms makes for intimidating reading for artists but, arguably, is also an encouraging stat.
Before you lose hope, what the stat also reveals is a thriving network of new music. The current music streaming world is a far cry from the days of gatekeeping from major record labels or illegal downloading where there was barely a chance of having any kind of income from releasing music.
At RouteNote we believe that everyone should have a fair shot at releasing the music they’ve created. We give you all the tools you need to send your songs out into the world.
You stay in control of your music, never signing over the rights to your tracks. Market your music however you want and get your name out there so you can start making money from your music.
Start uploading your music with RouteNote today. It’s free, and always will be.
Find out more about our award-winning unlimited music distribution here.
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