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How MusicDigi is helping musicians reach massive audiences - A great platform for new artists! - Business Insider Africa

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MusicDigi is an end-to-end digital music distribution platform that provides artists and labels with essential tools to build and maintain their career.
Musicians have more opportunities than ever to sell and promote their music online, but getting a foothold can be a daunting task for new and emerging musicians. MusicDigi is a digital music distribution platform that gives artists the ability to release music to all major streaming services.
Through MusicDigi, artists can distribute their music to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon, as well as social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. It’s a powerful platform that allows musicians to upload their songs or albums complete with songwriting, production, and performance credits.
The music and its metadata are then delivered to online streaming platforms in under seventy-two hours.
Each time the track gets streamed or downloaded, the musician receives a royalty that is deposited into the artist’s account. Artists can request payment at any time right from their dashboard, making the withdrawal process fast and easy. Artists retain 100% music rights. It even helps them gain an insight into their track’s performance on different streaming outlets.
Unlike other aggregation platforms, MusicDigi offers a more affordable pricing model, allowing artists to upload unlimited music to hundreds of stores for a fixed annual fee. Artists can manage and release from a roster of multiple Primary artists from a single account.
According to reviews, MusicDigi provides super-fast delivery to online streaming stores and is the best resource for independent artists to gain widespread exposure across mainstream platforms. It provides the right mix of innovative industry tools and support to make the distribution process seamless, even for artists releasing music for the first time.
There are tons of streaming services creating endless opportunities for new and emerging artists to take advantage of today, and the list is growing. For artists looking to create a massive audience and reach new fans, MusicDigi makes it possible to get music everywhere it needs to be.

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