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IMS Business Report 2022: Electronic Music Sales & Streaming valued at $1.3 billion - We Rave You

The annual study of electronic music is led by David Boyle, who brings together hundreds of musicians and industry experts to deliver the International Music Summit report, taking readers on a deep dive into all different aspects of the electronic music industry, whether it be current trends musically or how much money the industry is turning over each year.
The four biggest countries detailed in this report, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada, all saw positives. The report is divided into two distinct categories of ‘commercial dance music’ and ‘electronic music’:
“The dance and electronic music markets grew strongly in 2021. Thanks to both total market growth, plus market share growth in the United Kingdom and Germany”
Pages sixteen to nineteen of the report detail the valuation of electronic music; in particular, page sixteen displays the significant growth of valuation in electronic music sales and streaming. The graph on page seventeen shows that in 2021, three of the four select countries saw faster-than-market growth in comparison to the previous year. You can view both of these graphs down below:
Image Credit: IMS Business Report 2022 (page 16)
Image Credit: IMS Business Report 2022 (page 17)
As the report goes on, the valuation section also makes note that of these four countries, despite all of them experiencing growth over a five-year period, only Germany gained market share in this time; the other three countries were steady in maintaining their respective shares.
You can sign up to read the full IMS Business Report 2022 here. What do you think? Please be sure to let us know your thoughts on this report!
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