Is Reborn Rich on Netflix? Song Joong Ki in grand K-drama comeback - HITC - Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music
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Is Reborn Rich on Netflix? Song Joong Ki in grand K-drama comeback - HITC - Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

Reborn Rich Netflix Korea trailer/ Netflix Korea YouTube
After a year of waiting one of the most popular South Korean actors of all time, Song Joong Ki, is back with a new K-drama, Reborn Rich, and everyone wants to know whether it’s on Netflix.
JTBC’s latest offering, Reborn Rich, is a fantasy drama based on the webtoon of the same name and sees Song Joong Ki play not one but two roles. First, viewers will see him as loyal secretary Yoon Hyun Woo, who has served a rich South Korean family (the Sunyangs) for years only to be falsely accused in an embezzlement case.
He dies an unfortunate death but karma works in Yoon Hyun’s favor as he’s reborn as the Sunyang family’s youngest son, Jin Do Joon, who will plot to take revenge in his second life.
Yes. The good news is Reborn Rich will be available on Netflix Korea. The channel’s Twitter feed has shared stills from Song Joong Ki’s new drama letting viewers know they can watch the show on Netflix Korea after JTBC’s release time, which is set at 10.30pm KST/ 8.30am ET.
Ever since the announcement about Reborn Rich surfaced on social media, fans have been wondering whether they’ll be able to watch it on Netflix. The streaming platform continues to be popular, especially with global K-drama fans.
재벌 총수 일가의 오너리스크를 관리하던 비서. 전생의 기억을 간직한 채, 그 집의 막내아들로 다시 태어났다.

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As well as being on Netflix Korea, Reborn Rich will also be available on Disney Plus Korea, Rakuten Viki (with English subtitles) and Viu. However, the streaming times will vary depending on the viewer’s country.
#RebornRich will be on

✅️ Disney+ KR
✅️ Netflix KR
✅️ Viu
✅️ Viki

Many viewers will be watching Tiffany’s acting debut in her first K-drama role! Let’s use #RebornRachel to support her 🥰#TiffanyYoung #티파니영 #티파니 #재벌집막내아들 #young1
Producers of Reborn Rich have unveiled a sneak peek of the drama’s settings and the cast, with the belief the show will be relatable to all age groups as it takes viewers from the 1980s to the present day.
Vincenzo stunner Song Joong Ki told Entertain: “While there are a lot of projects that deal with the stories of chaebols [family-owned business conglomerates] the fact one story unfolds based on past events in Reborn Rich is fun.”
Lee Sung Min, who plays Jin Yang Chul, adds: “I think there will be fun in seeing the detailed descriptions of the time periods we’ve experienced. I hope you will experience the banquet of cool characters by amazing actors.”
Shin Hyun Bin, who portrays another main lead in the story, Seo Min Young, claims: “[Reborn Rich is] a drama that shows you the fantasy everyone has had at least once, right in front of your eyes.
“As it simultaneously deals with cases and generations from the late 1980s to the present day, I figure this is a project viewers of all ages and interests can enjoy and relate to.”
Reborn Rich will air every Friday and Saturday from 10.30pm KST/ 8.30am ET.
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