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Is Spotify promotion actually a thing? -
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Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the modern and progressive world we live in? With all those new devices and technologies, streaming services, Spotify promotion, you don’t have to be a “chosen one” or have any special influence to make music. Many people don’t even use real instruments, preferring to compose everything on their computers. Not everyone approves of this approach, but no matter whether you are an “analog person” or “for” digitalization, you have to admit that it has never been easier to make music before.
But what admires me is that despite talking so much about how affordable music production is nowadays, everyone forgets that together with production, the process of promoting music has also become much easier. Just a few decades before you had to have a team of people who would work hard to guarantee you a place on the cover of the magazine or the interview on the radio. But now all you need to reach your audience is the internet. Platforms, such as Spotify, gather a huge number of listeners which means that the artists who share their songs on these platforms have access to a huge audience (just imagine that for Spotify it’s 690 mln people!). But things are never as easy as they seem to be at the first glance. Being able to release your music on the platform doesn’t guarantee that it will actually be heard. With over 60,000  songs being released on Spotify every day you need to make sure that your track will not get lost in this large quantity, and that’s what Spotify promotion is made for.
As I’ve mentioned before, with modern technologies promoting your music is easier than ever, but the thing is that many people just neglect the promotion. It seems to them that by uploading their songs on streaming services they are already bound to get the audience, while in fact – with this crazy number of songs being released every day, you have to use some additional tools to become heard. Spotify promotion is a key tool in finding new fans as it makes sure that your track reaches a bigger audience (which means that more people will hear, appreciate and share your songs with others).
You probably think now: “but that’s not the reason why I make music. I don’t want to fight for people’s attention, I just want to write my songs”. And you’re right, this is the only correct approach to making music – making it because of passion. But we all know that there’s nothing better than sharing your passion with others and getting positive feedback for what you’ve been working hard on. Am I right? No matter how dramatic it may sound, neglecting promotion nowadays means basically sentencing your career. As the process of producing and sharing the music becomes easier, the process of reaching the listeners and finding your audience becomes harder. It’s not enough to release good material, you have to make the listener notice you. I mean, how can people like your songs as they have never heard them?
But please, don’t think of me as an enemy, I am actually here to help. We both know that building a music career is not easy, but it’s even more difficult when you are just at the beginning of your path. And when starting something new, it’s always easier to have a mentor who will guide you through the industry and will tell you how things work. And that’s exactly what my lecture was for. Now, when you know what the music industry is driven by, you finally know what is that secret component that your music career has lacked – promotion. Because I mean, can there be any other reason why your songs are still not on the top charts?
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