Live streaming app Musixen attracts tens of thousands to unique hybrid music event taking place offline, online, and in the metaverse - Digital Journal
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Live streaming app Musixen attracts tens of thousands to unique hybrid music event taking place offline, online, and in the metaverse - Digital Journal

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Istanbul, Turkey – Musixen launched 2 years ago as an app-based live streaming platform aiming to bring control back into the hands of artists, allowing them to schedule gigs, perform live, engage and interact with hundreds of thousands of viewers, and make money via various channels. While the company is in the middle of a big geographical expansion, already having launched in several new countries with several more on the way, the last couple of months also marked the launch of another exciting milestone — Musixen’s first hybrid event in their sector, taking place offline, online, and in the metaverse.
The Musixen method
Of course, physical events will always exist as a cornerstone of the entertainment industry, but in Musixen’s eyes, over the next five years the ratio of online and metaverse experiences is certainly sure to grow exponentially as consumer entertainment habits and preferred mediums continue to evolve. While the rise of the metaverse has the potential to affect dozens of industries, Musixen’s team Çağrı Bozay, founder & CEO of Musixen, believes that the key to success is not a broad-based approach that tries to integrate everything from music and other live performances to chat and other interactive functions at the same time, demonstrated by many major players in the streaming scene including TikTok and YouTube Music. Rather, they believe in an approach that maintains a laser-sharp focus on one thing only — in Musixen’s case, music entertainment content. 
To make it even more engaging, all of Musixen’s content is hand-curated, with each artist required to undergo an evaluation process before joining the community. Yet this stringent curation process also results in some major benefits for the musicians, who receive proprietary streaming training empowering them to make the most out of the platform in minimum time, and entertain their audiences to the highest possible standard. It’s an approach that’s led to some impressive engagement results too, with an average Musixen session lasting 3 times as long as other global streaming platforms on average.
Inside Musixen’s hybrid event
Now, Musixen has finally brought this groundbreaking approach to the metaverse — the next frontier for entertainment experiences. While previously, physical attendance was the only way to experience a concert, Musixen’s innovations have made it possible for listeners to engage with musicians from the comfort of their homes yet with the same degree of immersion and engagement as a traditional live event. Through seizing the power of metaverse platforms, companies like Musixen are paving the way for event organisers to be able to host an almost unlimited number of people at once, a feat impossible to achieve in the physical environment. 
Musixen’s inaugural hybrid performance, the first ever of its kind in the world, took place on August 28, 2022, at Maximum Uniq, one of Istanbul’s most important open air performance venues with an official capacity of 3,000 seated and 8,000 standing spectators. As Oğuzhan Uğur and his guests played away, guests could experience the show in 3 different ways: physically, live on the Musixen app, and on the Atlas Space metaverse platform. Between the Musixen platform and the metaverse, over 20,000 additional guests (almost double the capacity of the physical venue) were able to engage with the concert. It was a clear step towards the future for performers, guests, and Musixen, the tech pioneers driving the entire movement — the first of many steps towards a redefinition of what it means to engage with music. 
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