Meet Facading: The Producer Taking Over the Norwegian Airwaves - Magnetic Magazine
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Meet Facading: The Producer Taking Over the Norwegian Airwaves - Magnetic Magazine

Dance music is a new wave with a relatively low fan base compared to other sounds, such as hip-hop, in Norway. But fascinating is the innovative and authentic talents emanating from the Norwegian dance music pot.
Nikolai Håland, known as Facading, is one of the top talents in Norway, taking over the dance music sphere. He is an innately gifted artist and producer. Facading's raw talent and ingenuity as an artist has seen him build his brand as one of Norway's biggest dance music producers.
Though dance music is a pretty small genre in Norway, Facading has established a solid fan base with over 20 million streams on Spotify and over 50 million across other music streaming platforms. The devoted producer also enjoys a solid social media audience with thousands of followers and over 1,700 YouTube subscribers. These numbers are also replicated in his over 320,000 monthly Spotify listeners.
Incredibly, Facading is also signed to one of the UK's biggest labels (NCS), a label he has worked with to release some of his top hits. This has allowed him to interact with and work with other top talents in the dance music sphere, including artists, producers, and directors. Facading has several releases on Trap Nation, the biggest curator on YouTube with over 30 million subscribers.
Being a highly competitive industry, making a name for yourself in the music scene is no easy task. Newbies must overcome numerous challenges, including barriers to entry, a story that Facading knows well.
"The biggest challenge I've faced was making an entry in the music industry. I overcame this by networking with the right people and just working hard on my music, and eventually, it paid off," Facading explains.
Having faced and overcome various hurdles to keep his dreams alive, Facading believes that everyone is born with the potential to become whoever they desire. However, challenges are meant to be part of the journey, and you must be innovative to find a way around every obstacle. More importantly, Facading’s advice is to work hard and keep your eyes on the prize. Also, don't be too obsessed with trends, and have fun. Instead, surround yourself with like-minded people who will help bring out the best in you. Having a mentor and learning from other successful individuals in your industry will help you overcome the challenges in your path.
Every release under Facading's name bears the hallmark of an authentic and timeless hit, demonstrating his unrelenting artistry, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. The outstanding producer wants to continue releasing more hits and amassing millions more streams. His goal is to expand his audience beyond his country's border and hopefully help more people fall in love with the dance music sound. Facading sees himself collaborating with other top industry names with a dream to tour the world and perform on some of the biggest stages. His dream is to leverage his production skills to nurture other young talents and help them achieve their dreams.