Metallica Warns Spotify, Other Streaming Services Can 'Ruin' Music … - Music Times
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Metallica Warns Spotify, Other Streaming Services Can 'Ruin' Music … - Music Times

Many fans today are enjoying the music of their favorite artists through online streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and the likes because it’s very accessible and could play songs within a fingertip’s reach. However, a renowned musician believes that there’s going to be an issue despite its accessibility.
Speaking in a new interview with Classic Rock, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett said streaming services “wouldn’t work” as a new form of venture.
He also claimed that the band has warned everyone that the time will come and streaming platforms would take over.

“We warned everyone that the music industry was gonna lose 80 percent of its net worth, power and influence. When these monumental shifts come you just either f******* rattle the cage and get nothing done or you move forward,” he added. (via NME)
The musician explained that there are other ways of putting music and releasing them to fans, but it isn’t as “effective as the music industry pre-Napster.”
Hammett then accepted that streaming services are prevalent today and “we’re stuck with it.”
However, he believes that there should be a “midway point” where the streaming and the old way would come together, or another “model” is introduced to consumers.
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The guitarist isn’t the first person to criticize streaming services as many people have been protesting Spotify’s low payment for artists.
In a 2013 blog post by David Byrne published via The Guardian, the musician said he doesn’t rely on “the pittance” that comes his way from music streaming.
He explained that new artists don’t have an advantage because many of them are still struggling to make a living on live performances and licensing.
Earlier this year, David Crosby also aired out similar thoughts regarding the matter, but directing his focus on Spotify, saying he doesn’t like the platform or any streamers because they don’t pay artists properly.
The musician also noted that while streaming companies earn billions of dollars, they only pay artists with pennies.

“That’s not OK. It’s not OK in that it took away half my income, and it’s not OK in that, especially, it makes it impossibly difficult for young people to make it in the business. It doesn’t pay them anything. It’s wrong,” he added.
He clarified that giving the advice to young creatives that they shouldn’t become a musician is “s****,” but the current streaming climate made him do so.
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