'Music has the power to take you through all sorts of emotions; it can make you happy or sad': Amit Trivedi - The Indian Express
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'Music has the power to take you through all sorts of emotions; it can make you happy or sad': Amit Trivedi - The Indian Express

Music is said to be the language of love, and melophiles will agree that it has the power to transcend borders and touch people’s lives by comforting them on their dreary and tear-soaked nights, and making their frustrated morning commute to work slightly more exciting. And if there is one musician who has mastered the art of emotional puppetry by making songs that tug at the heartstrings, it is none other than Amit Trivedi.
Trivedi’s latest release, ‘Jadu Salona‘, is magical. It has a rhythmic musical quality — that is a constant in all of his songs — that leaves the listener feeling nostalgic for a memory that does not exist and a moment that was never conceived.
The music director, singer and lyricist — who has worked in many leading projects in Bollywood such as in critically-acclaimed films like ‘Dev.D‘ (2009), ‘Queen‘ (2014), ‘Lootera‘ (2013), ‘Udta Punjab‘ (2014), ‘Kedarnath‘ (2018), to name a few — recently interacted with indianexpress.com and spoke more about his music-making process, his recent solo album, his work in films, what he thinks about the growing trend of modern remakes of old Hindi songs, among others.
Tell us about ‘Jadu Salona‘, your first album on your own label AT Azaad. What made you want to work on a solo feature?
Jadu Salona is an album that I have created, which has around six songs. It is a very simple album about love — it is the story of two people who are in love, and their journey. It is about the things that they experience in their relationship, and all that jazz. I made this album because I always wanted to indulge in independent music. Film-related work is happening simultaneously, it is going great, but apart from that I wanted to create something outside of films, independently. As an artiste, I need to express myself, so I thought of making this story-based love album.
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Can you tell us what your process is like when you compose songs? 
My process is simple; the idea has to come to me first. A good idea goes a long way, and a great idea is even better. When it strikes, I get very excited. Then, I just want to go about it. And then everything else follows: creating, composing, writing, singing, recording, instrumentation, mixing, mastering, etc. But, it all starts with a germ, a fantastic idea.
Is there anyone else in your family who has a musical inclination?
Yes, my mother is a composer and lyric-writer. Of course, she works on regional and devotional music only. But, she is a beautiful composer and a writer. I think [my tilt towards music] has come from there. My mother has never done it professionally, nor has she ever pursued her career in a big way. I think I am fulfilling her dreams. She still composes and writes, and might do her album very soon.
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For many people, music is like catharsis. It provided comfort to the world during the pandemic. What would you say about that? 
Honestly, I am no Sadhguru to talk about the world and its people; to each their own. Everyone has their different ways of consuming music depending on their taste. But, music surely does help people; it is catharsis. It has the power to take you through all sorts of emotions. It can make you happy or sad.
Whenever I hear a song or any piece of music, I close my eyes and get transported to a beautiful world. And it is up to me and my imagination — wherever I want to go. When the music plays, I have my own visuals in my head, my own story. So, I am sure it must be doing some amazing stuff to people.
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Nowadays, we are seeing a lot of modern remakes of old Hindi songs…
When the first remix was made, the first time ever, audiences lapped it up; it worked. That encouraged makers to make another one; the audiences loved that one, too. Then came the third one, then the fourth one, fifth one, and till date it is continuing.
The audience is loving it, the makers are making it. If we are wondering why remixes are being made, their numbers are very high and it shows a lot of consumption is happening.
You have worked extensively in the film industry. Do you have any lessons and takeaways?
A lot of lessons and takeaways are still yet to come. I am in the thick of it. I will answer this question when I turn 60 (laughs).
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Do you think reality shows today have lost their magic?
I have very little and minimal knowledge of reality shows, because I don’t watch them. I don’t have a television at home.
The music industry has evolved massively over the past few years. Does consumption via music-streaming apps help in the discoverability factor for non-film music launches?
Yes, it definitely helps. If you see Spotify, it has great playlists — the moment you click on one, you discover amazing artistes, about whom you had not known before. It is a beautiful way to discover new music. It has helped a lot of independent artistes, and it holds good for my own music, too. A lot of my old music is being discovered now, some 8-10 years later. This is a revolutionary change.
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