Music Streaming Services Collectively Surpass 100,000 Daily Uploads -
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Music Streaming Services Collectively Surpass 100,000 Daily Uploads -

Major label industry executives shared their takeaways on the growth of the streaming sector.
It's hardly a secret that the future of music commerce lies in streaming, but the numbers continue to bear this out in ways that can't help but become cause for reflection.
According to industry experts, over 100,000 tracks are now being uploaded to streaming platforms each and every day. This jaw-dropping figure was most recently cited by Sir Lucian Grainge, Universal Music Group's CEO and Chairman, who mentioned it will addressing attendees of the Music Matters conference in Singapore.
There's a lot that could be said about the scale of music streaming today and how it has empowered the independent creator to directly reach consumers. But as Music Business Worldwide points out, Grainge argued that this milestone arguably makes the label a more important part of the equation.
Grainge indicated that labels with experience in promotion and artist development are best equipped to reach audiences at scale, which is what makes the path towards professional musicianship viable. Those sentiments were echoed by Steve Cooper, the exiting CEO at Warner Music Group.
This week also brought news that the Aussie trio nabbed seven ARIA Award nods, making them the most-nominated musicians on the docket this year.
As the genre's popularity soars within the electronic music space, so too does the success of its early adopters.
Major label industry executives shared their takeaways on the growth of the streaming sector.
"The complexity of being able to separate one’s music from the other 99,999 tracks uploaded that day is incredibly complex [and] incredibly difficult," Cooper stated while noting that marketing music in today's world can be capital intensive and require certain areas of expertise that not every artist may be savvy to.
As far as the trajectory of streaming goes, over the last five years the volume of tracks being uploaded to platforms across the internet has multiplied fivefold. According to Grand View Research, the sector is expected to continue growing at double digit percentages each year through at least 2030.
Grand View Research
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Aggregate data was collected by The Trichordist.
Officials are asking all those involved in the industry to share their experiences and assist the investigation.
“We believe in the value of music and paying creators fairly for their work.”
David Israelite, president and CEO of the National Music Publishers Association, said major streaming services “have proposed the lowest royalty rates in history.”
It is the “duty of the Federal Government to establish a new royalty program,” according to Tlaib’s resolution.
Artists on the blockchain-based streaming platform can now integrate songs directly to TikTok sounds.
“Streaming music platforms’ payouts per stream are minuscule, and declining each year—leaving working musicians with little of the income generated by these platforms.”
The Chainsmokers and Calvin Harris are the top dance music earners on Spotify.