NEKROGOBLIKON Streaming Their Cover Of CHILDREN OF … - Metal Injection
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NEKROGOBLIKON Streaming Their Cover Of CHILDREN OF … - Metal Injection

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On the second anniversary of Alexi Laiho's passing.
Nekrogoblikon is now streaming their cover of Children Of Bodom's "Bodom Beach Terror" to commemorate the second anniversary of Alexi Laiho's passing.

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"There is no single other band or artist that I can say has had as much of a musical influence on Nekrogoblikon as Children Of Bodom, and I can say with confidence that had I not been exposed to Alexi Laiho's compositions and playing style I would be a completely different guitar player today," said Nekrogoblikon guitarist Alex Alereza.
"Upon being collectively saddened by Alexi's passing in the midst of the pandemic, we began revisiting the Children Of Bodom albums that had the greatest impact on us and decided to record a cover of 'Bodom Beach Terror' off of Hate Crew Deathroll. We each recorded our parts ourselves from home and made it a point to be as faithful to the original recording as possible.
"Hope you enjoy listening to this tribute as much as we enjoyed recording it, and long live the legacy of Alexi Laiho and Children Of Bodom!"

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The final show took place in 2019.
Randy, possibly magic.
Plus a display of their gear and memorabilia.
Happening this September.
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