New Keith Richards Solo Online Comp On Apple Music -
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New Keith Richards Solo Online Comp On Apple Music -

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A new Keith Richards “Essentials” playlist has popped up on Apple Music. The 17-track collection spans Richards' solo career away from the Rolling Stones — including a pair of live tracks with his band the X-Pensive Winos along with his classic 1978 holiday take on “Run Rudolph Run.”
Keith Richards admitted that in the 1980's a solo album — let alone whole a new band — was unthinkable until things went south between him and Mick Jagger: “I never wanted to make a solo album until I started making it, until I found the right guys to play with. To make a solo album, it meant the Rolling Stones weren't working for a while. There's no way that I would've dreamed, or dreamt of a solo album while I was working with the Stones, because that would be counter productive. I did this record because there was no possibility when I started to make this record that the Stones were gonna to come back together.”
The tracklisting to Keith Richards' Essentials is:
“How I Wish (Live in London '92)”
“My Babe”
“Take It So Hard
“Hate It When You Leave”
“You Don’t Move Me”
“Wicked As It Seems”
“Make No Mistake”
“You Win Again”
“Run Rudolph Run”
“Too Rude (Live)”
“Big Enough”
“Girl From The Ghetto”
“Say It’s Not You”

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