New Music Friday: 6 albums to stream this week - Dazed
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New Music Friday: 6 albums to stream this week - Dazed

Deep-rooted connectivity is at the heart of Fossora, whose title translates to a Latin feminine form of the word “digger”. Following on from 2017’s Utopia, Björk’s generation-hopping tenth album is grounded in elemental weight; less airy flutes and birdsong, more woody bass clarinets. With earthy techno production by Indonesian duo Gabber Modus Operandi, the album sees Björk combine personal experiences with natural cosmic processes, likening love to “fungal cities subterranean” and hope as “a primordial plant”. Grief diffuses across the album like spores as Björk contemplates generational roles as child and mother – Fossora opens with a ritualistic tribute to her late mother “atopos” and closes with a soft, compassionate duet with her nest-flying daughter on “mother’s house”. Björk has previously called Fossora her mushroom record and be prepared: the album will grow on you like a fungus.
Elsewhere, Bladee drops a new album, Shygirl shares her long-awaited debut, and James K explores what it means to be a girl online.