New Music Friday: 7 albums to stream this week - Dazed
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New Music Friday: 7 albums to stream this week - Dazed

It’s a gecs miracle! More than two years after releasing their debut album 1000 gecs, Dylan Brady and Laura Les have returned with a surprise EP Snake Eyes. At just under six minutes long, the three-track offering is short, but it packs a punch; an intense jolt of dopamine like cracking open an Elf bar and injecting it straight into your veins. 
Opening the EP with a bang, “Hey Big Man” is a heavily processed banger and stoner anthem to-be about being so baked at a party that you hug a cactus. “I smoked two bricks now I can’t pronounce anemone/ I went to a party and I did a human centipede,” shout-sings Les against a thrashing noise wall of guitars. It’s the sort of silly, absurd humour that screams gecs – its face-melting drop is perhaps the closest thing we’ll get to a sonic whitey. Next up is “Torture Me”, a collaboration with EDM titan Skrillex that features cleaner, dynamic production, with Les repeating “do you want to torture me?” in a synthetic voice, before asserting “Everything hurts sometimes” and melting down into a dubstep breakdown. The final track “Runaway” is the closest thing we’ll get to a gecs ballad, an electronic tear jerker set across a simple piano melody that grows brasher and louder, breaking into the sort of gigantic, bassy hooks that we’ve come to expect from the LA duo.
Elsewhere, Blackwinterwells shares a dreamy album, Gupi flexes his production skills on paper eater and Oklahoma three-piece Rural Internet release a thrashing fourth album. Torus teams up with DJ Lostboi, AKA Malibu, on a deluxe edition of The Flash and rising indie star Shirley Hurt unveils her eponymous debut.