New Online Exhibition To Show Photos Of Music Icons -
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New Online Exhibition To Show Photos Of Music Icons -

A new online exhibition displaying previously unseen photos of music legends Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and David Bowie has confirmed.
This exhibition was set up to celebrate the 69th birthday of famous photographer Denis O’Regan. 
Running from today (October 24) to January 1, the 69 Days Exhibition will feature a set of classic snaps taken by O’Regan, including six photos taken of some of the biggest music legends in the world.
Limited copies of these photos will be sold from this exhibition, with 10% of the profits going towards London’s Great Ormand Street Hospital’s charity GOSH.
“We at GOSH Charity are honoured to be part of this fantastic project which will raise funds to support the hospital’s most urgent needs”, said the GOSH charity’s deputy director of relationship funding Sarah Bissell.
She also added, “Money from the sale of each print could fund ground-breaking research into children’s health, support services for children and their families, vital rebuilding and refurbishment of the hospital and life-saving medical equipment”. 
“I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Denis O’Regan and West Contemporary Editions”. 
These photos will be sold for between £1,440 and £9,000.
Some of the photos show music legend David Bowie performing at Slane Castle, some of his most celebrated gigs. Bowie who passed away in 2016, was also a collaborator of O’Regan.
Bowie can also be spotted in another photo wearing sunglasses, staring off into the distance. He was performing Apple founder’s US Festival at the time. The photo was also taken in 1983 by O’Regan.
Mick Jagger is also included in the snaps. The photo shows Jagger performing at the Ullevi stadium in Sweden in 1982. Another snap shows Jagger stretching, while wearing ‘Mick’ written on the back from a show in Slane.
Jagger can be seen in another O’Regan photo, where he is chilling in the sun backstage at Melbourne’s VLF Park.
Another photo shows Jagger’s Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards up close and personal.
Other artists who feature in the photos also include Freddie Mercury and Bob Marley. Photos shows Freddie Mercury performing at several stadiums including Main Road, Slane Castle and Wembley, as part of the Magic Tour of 1986.
Speaking of Mercury, Queen recently released a video for their previously track ‘Face It Alone’, which featured the late frontman. Check that out here.
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