New Zealand Band Crooked Royals Premiere New Song “Counterfeit”: Stream - Consequence
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New Zealand Band Crooked Royals Premiere New Song “Counterfeit”: Stream - Consequence

Ahead of the group's debut album Quarter Life Daydream out October 21st
New Zealand-based band Crooked Royals are premiering their new song “Counterfeit” exclusively via Heavy Consequence. The track arrives ahead of the group’s debut album, Quarter Life Daydream, out October 21st via Periphery’s 3DOT Recordings.
The band notably features two vocalists — Christian Carstensen on clean parts and Lee Mackley on gutturals — who trade off to create a push-and-pull effect. It works splendidly on “Counterfeit,” evoking hints of Linkin Park, albeit with a more metalcore edge. Tapped guitars and tightly pocketed rhythms guide the track through its near-three-minute duration.
“‘Counterfeit’ is about the duality of perception,” remarked Crooked Royals in a collective statement. “The song is an argument with yourself about why we do things, observing other people’s motives, and how we respond to each other. The reality is our perception is meaningless.”
Quarter Life Daydream was recorded and mixed by Zorran Mendonsa and follows Crooked Royals’ first two EPs, Interwine (2018) and Rumination (2019). The band also released the single “Copacetic” during the pandemic, racking up an impressive half-million streams.
“We find accessibility between extremes,” said Mackley of the group’s core sound. “The vibe can be prog-y and more technical with time changes. Or, it can be a little bit catchier. However, we slap everything on top of the metalcore sound — from rapping to screaming — with big choruses. The idea is to combine those spazzy guitars with melodies and give you the whole package.”

Pre-order Quarter Life Daydream at this location. Below you can watch the video for “Counterfeit.”

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