One to Watch: 100% Self-Made Artist Bortlin Prepares to Shake the Music Scene - 24Hip-Hop
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One to Watch: 100% Self-Made Artist Bortlin Prepares to Shake the Music Scene - 24Hip-Hop

The future of music is constantly changing according to trends, and many artists are finding it progres- sively more difficult to keep up. It takes an artist who is truly adaptable and innovative to keep up, and thankfully, singer-songwriter Bortlin is both of those things. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, the artist has been making music ever since he was in 8th grade, and has kept at it until now.
Wanting to be financially independent through his art, Bortlin has been steadily growing his musical repertoire ever since his debut on Soundcloud. With a solid focus on creating mind-bending songs that shift between various genres combined with a focus on a unique style of storytelling and clever word- play, he’s been working hard for years and people are taking notice.
Bortlin Blends Genres for a Forward Thinking Style of Music
In many ways, Bortlin is an artist geared towards the future of music. In a time where frequent releas- es on streaming platforms are highly valued, Bortlin complies by having an almost machine-like work ethic. He’s always working on his next song, his next idea, pushing the envelope for himself and inno- vating his sound with every new track. No idea is too far flung for Bortlin, and if he finds it fascinating, he’ll be experimenting with it soon enough.
He takes after hip-hop legend Kendrick Lamar, who famously stated that he doesn’t listen to anyone before making a song. This serves as a big inspiration behind Bortlin’s creative process, motivating him to put effort into any ideas that pop into his head. It’s a unique take on the songwriting process, but one that fits the modern music scene where trying new things is appreciated.
Of course, Bortlin’s unique style doesn’t end there. Together with his girlfriend, Bortlin also handcrafts every single one of his music videos, tailoring them specifically to his ideas and themes. Some of these videos are animated by Bortlin himself like “LERKIN,” while others like “COWBOY,” are shot by him and his girlfriend.
Having creative control over his output is a huge draw, one that Bortlin leverages to dig his way out of the underground indie music scene. Despite his many struggles and challenges, Bortlin hopes to make a big splash in the industry, brandishing his unique talents as a ticket to get higher. After all, there aren’t many like him out there, and focusing on that plays to his strengths.
Combining Creativity and Ingenuity for an Exciting Musical Buffet
Following Bortlin’s music is an engaging experience, because you’re never really sure what you’re go- ing to get next. Just take a look through the artist’s Soundcloud and you’ll find yourself lost in a variety of sounds, all the brainchild of the same person. It makes for a figure in music that’s unpredictable and fun, a winning combination in the music world these days.
As of right now, Bortlin is preparing his first feature length project, “BLUE.” Made up of original beats and a whole new sound that he deems ‘one of a kind’, it’s difficult to know what to prepare for with this new release. What we do know for certain is that it’s going to be a good time, and that we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting new musical prospect.
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