Online map shows locations of homes with synchronized dancing … - WTVG
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Online map shows locations of homes with synchronized dancing … - WTVG

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Ready for some free family fun? Pull up the map and jump in the car. It’s a scavenger hunt across the Toledo area to find your favorite dancing Christmas lights.
“We go in the car. We get our PJs on, and we drive around,” said Katie Schroeder, Director of Marketing for The Danberry Co. “It’s such a cool drive. It’s very hard to see all of them in a night because there are so many.”
The real estate agency created a map for you to seek and find those elusive, elaborate displays that are synchronized to music. You can see the map at the end of this story.
One of the two dozen stops is in Rossford. It includes five houses all together.
“So, this is the Ageless Child’s Christmas. It’s a computerized light show over five yards. Five different families are involved in this. Over 105,000 lights. We started this 17 years ago to sort of reflect the joys of the season and bringing everyone back to that joy and innocence they had as a child,” said Bob Densic, the mastermind behind the group effort.
At this location, you can make a donation to the non-profit organization Samaritan’s Purse.
“100% of the donations given all go to Samaritan’s Purse. We do not keep anything for the electric bill. People do ask that question,” added Tiffany Densic, Bob’s wife.
They also don’t use the money for the candy canes they hand out. This year, they ordered 5,000. It’s all part of the fun you’ll find when you chart a course for some free holiday entertainment.
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