Peter's new album, Ringo, is out now on streaming sites - Russian Machine Never Breaks
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Peter's new album, Ringo, is out now on streaming sites - Russian Machine Never Breaks

By Peter Hassett
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Hello, RMNB reader. It’s me, Peter, the – by far – most annoying writer for the site. Last year around this time I had a week off from work, so I recorded a bunch of old songs. Those songs became an album, and now it’s out. I call it Ringo, because I imagine it as a big fuzzy highland cow who would be named Ringo.
Anyway, I think you might like it.

You can listen to Ringo through Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. There’s also something called Deezer, but I don’t know what that is. If you wanna hear some of Ringo right now, here’s the whole thing. Maybe you’ll like the first sixty second of the first song and think, “yeah, I’m down to clown for the whole LP.”
Here is something I know: the music industry is in ruins. Touring isn’t feasible, streaming is unfair, and the marketplace is mega-oversaturated. I don’t have any delusions about my own music – it could never be successful in commercial terms, and it will never support me financially. I make music because I feel like I have to. (I’m sure the same is true for professional musicians, who are braver than I’ll ever be.) By putting this record out, and by writing this little thing, I’m not expecting anything. I am just doing the boldest thing I can: asking for your attention. All I hope for is that maybe some people will listen, and of that maybe group some people will like it. So that’s the full scope of my delusion, and I thank you for your time.
Ringo is old songs. The oldest date back to the fall of 2002, and the youngest is still at least eight years old. When I decided to make a full-length rock album, I knew I wanted to include my biggest, boldest, and most beautiful boys. I wanted to make something pretty and approachable. A lot of my output from the last few years has been standoffish; this is definitely not like that. I got my favorite collaborators to play with me, and I asked Billy Gordon, a musician and engineer I have admired for twenty years, to mix it.
So that’s Ringo. It’s the best I can do. I hope you like it. Thanks for reading.
(If this isn’t up your alley, you still might enjoy the beat tape I released in April. It’s called Croissants, and it has no vocals, just vibes.)
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