Premiere Tia Lee - "Goodbye Princess" - Yahoo Finance
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Premiere Tia Lee - "Goodbye Princess" - Yahoo Finance

The C-Pop Sensation is making her big comeback and facing her demons with the release of new single.
Hong Kong, China-(Newsfile Corp. - December 27, 2022) - C-Pop Sensation Tia Lee is making her big comeback with the release of the new single “Goodbye Princess” - the first ever Chinese song produced by a Grammy-award-winning producer. Inspired by Tia Lee’s journey after a three-year break from music, the track discusses themes of reinvention as the star reflects on her experience with mental health over the past three years, using imagery to illustrate her journey and subsequent breakthrough.
Goodbye Princess has already achieved significant success with over 1 million in 10 hours after premiere, breaking the record for C-pop songs. 24 hours after the premiere, the viewership on Youtube channel exceeds 4.7 million viewership.

Tia Lee
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Prior to the release of “Goodbye Princess,” Tia wiped her Instagram feed clean, signalling to fans that something big was coming. Once her account was reactivated, it marked the official launch of the music video, which is a six-part production combining animation, music, and fashion videography. The series was created to showcase Tia’s refreshed persona and determination to break free from labels and negativity in the entertainment industry.
Each 30-second animation episode is inspired by iconic fairytale princesses, with a total of six episodes in the series. The concept behind the animation reflects the childhood dream of becoming a princess and living happily ever after, but also questions whether the princess image is just a stereotype of what a happy woman should look like. The animation was directed by a award-winning director, known for his work on The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Kung Fu Hustle. As one of the world’s top female Chinese artists with over 10 million followers across social media, it’s safe to say Tia Lea is ready to take C-Pop to the forefront of the global music industry with this new release.
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