Quincy Jones' Network Qwest TV Announces New Partnership with Independent Award Winning Studio HighBreedMusic - PR Web
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Quincy Jones' Network Qwest TV Announces New Partnership with Independent Award Winning Studio HighBreedMusic - PR Web

Artists from HighBreedMusic
NEW YORK (PRWEB) October 24, 2022
Qwest TV, the global subscription network created by Quincy Jones featuring jazz and other eclectic music, and HighBreedMusic, the recording lounge and platform led by industry veteran Tariq Khan and Grammy-winning videographer Nikki Birch, the program’s co-director, which works with multiple Grammy Award winners and notable artists such as Cory Henry, Kimbra, Bilal, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill, have officially announced a new partnership, the first of its kind for the two. This announcement is the first in Qwest TV’s mission to forge relationships with independent artists and agencies with a strong pulse on the music scene in their respective cities.
Beginning with the distribution and release of 25 private concerts filmed and recorded at its studio in Brooklyn, with such artists as Cory Henry, Bilal, Ghost Note, Marc Cary, among others, these videos will become available on Qwest TV’s platform on Oct 27th, and will coincide with a livestream jam session at the studio in Brooklyn, hosted by founder Tariq Khan. Khan most notably and recently produced Bilal’s latest EP, which garnered international media attention as the album, fully livestreamed from their Brooklyn studio for 54 hours straight, had such artists as Robert Glasper, Ray Angry, Erykah Badu, Keyon Harrold, Simon Mavin of Hiatus Kaiyote, and others, tune in from around the world to be part of the broadcast and recording session.
“We at Qwest TV are really excited about our new partnership with HighBreedMusic on our SVOD platform and linear feeds. Boasting exceptional sound and image quality, HighBreedMusic’s collection gives a high-definition window directly into the boiling New York jazz, neo-soul & hip hop scenes we love. Says Thomas Bouet, Head of Programming & Acquisitions at Qwest TV.
We look forward to more extensive collaborations with HBM and the award-winning artists from their network; promoting genre-defying artistry on the Qwest TV SVOD platform and Smart TV’s, including Roku Channels.”
HighBreedMusic’s work highlights the important non-conformist artistic culture that is becoming prevalent today - with primary examples being artists such as Snarky Puppy, Kimbra, and Hiatus Kaiyote - all from HighBreedMusic’s network. Acting as a hub for this cultural movement, HighBreedMusic aims to address the lack of a single accessible resource or place to represent it as a consolidated social/artistic movement. Dedicated to presenting artists who share four essential qualities: originality, virtuosity, authenticity, and timelessness, HBM is doing so not as an editorial resource, but strictly through unique and original produced video content.
“Qwest TV and HighBreedMusic represent a serendipitous alignment when it comes to curation. Our creative values represent a nod towards the celebration of expression and innovation across generations of gifted musical ambassadors. Unlike other video productions, we are artist run, and our extended NYC family works within what might be the largest culture of professional musical talent in one place, anywhere.” says Founder and CEO Tariq Khan, “We aim to show how all these artists, despite genre, race, or age are all connected, know each other, and collaborate regularly.”
To date, HighBreedMusic has released a number of music videos, recordings, and “artists-interviewing-artists” video interviews of iconic artists such as Nai Palm (of Hiatus Kaiyote), Cory Henry (The Funk Apostles), Kimbra, Ray Angry (The Roots), Kendra Foster (D’Angelo), Casey Benjamin (The Robert Glasper Experiment), Madison McFerrin, Chris Turner (Stevie Wonder, The Roots), with hundreds more in its archive from iconic artists on slate to be released.
About HighBreedMusic:
HighBreedMusic is a one-of-a kind music video platform that captures the magic of live performances in unprecedented audio quality through its innovative recording lounge concept. Curated to celebrate a unique culture summarized by the slogan “The Artists That Artists Love,” the platform has earned the love, respect, and participation of hundreds of world class artists and musicians, including many Grammy-winners and nominees. HighBreedMusic’s team is trained in a signature “cinema verite” style— employing multiple handheld cameras to create an immersive and unparalleled visual journey for its viewers.
More information at HighBreedMusic’s website at https://highbreedmusic.com/
About Qwest TV:
Qwest TV (qwest.tv) is a celebration of unique talents, traditions, and rhythms. With more than 1,300+ music-related experiences on offer, the video streaming service strives to be the world's home for jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, blues, electronic, classical, and music from all over the world… Qwest TV is where great music meets. Co-founded and curated by Quincy Jones, the platform preserves the richness of history, while reflecting the present-day beauty and reality of culturally and racially diverse people.
Qwest TV is available on Comcast XFinity, Cox, Roku Channel, Roku Store, Fire TV, Apple TV, IOS, Android & more!
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