Rapper Lil Conscious Hits 1 Million Plays on Spotify - KAZI. Magazine
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Rapper Lil Conscious Hits 1 Million Plays on Spotify - KAZI. Magazine

Every musician has their own unique story in the music industry. It can be a challenging journey even for innately-gifted musicians. Lil Conscious is one such talented American rapper. He is a native of a tiny town called Sierra Blanca, Texas. Lil’s passion for music began at 16 when he was a high school senior. Branding is essential, and it sells you to people interested in learning more about the brand. Lil’s first step was to rebrand himself, changing his name from Steefan Islan to Lil Conscious. Most people that come across Lil find him unique and a little mysterious and want to learn. Since then, his journey in the music industry has been milestone after milestone.
In 2013, Lil released his first mixtape, “Barely Conscious”, and continued releasing songs to increase his fanbase. He expresses his creativity through his music and gives his fans a chance to tap into that creativity. 
Rapper Lil is celebrated for his freestyle music “Ashes” and “Bojak”. His fans love his songs, leading to a significant rise on music streaming platforms. Notably, Lil has hit over 1 million plays on Soundcloud and Spotify, and the plays  are expected to increase in the coming years. “Ashes” and “Bojak” have charted 66 and 93 on iTunes, respectively. Lil has also been featured on the “Before they were Famous” YouTube Channel.
Lil’s star began to shine in 2019 when renowned Canadian rapper Drake posted a video dancing to the tunes of Lil music despite rejection from other rappers. He began to rub shoulders with the big boys in the industry at that time. Lil managed to get a deal with Ovo Records with co-signs from Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippieredd, Diplo, and many other artists.
Lil’s journey in the music industry was challenging. He suffered from mental illness, which destroyed his mind and thought process. During that phase, he withdrew all his songs from social media platforms. Rejection from other rappers was also an obstacle he had to overcome.
To inspire other musicians, Lil shares his life story that began as a simple dream but evolved into making a name in the music industry. He wants other people to know that everything they experience in life is temporary, and one day, it will be over. He says life is nothing but a dream, and you must enjoy every part of it.
For Lil, he wants to continue making a name in the music industry through his unmatched sound. He declared that his ultimate goal is to reveal his identity in the music scene in 2023 as he works harder to cement his name on the global rap stages. “People have tried for years to see my identity and the services I offer. Truthfully, I don’t think I sound like any rapper or musician. I make music on any beat, and I say whatever comes to my mind,” he added. He also wants to do world tours and give back to the fans who supported his music. An ambassador of a clothing brand known as boohooMan, Lil further wants the brand to be known internationally. 

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