Rockingham County musician releases debut single - WHSV
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Rockingham County musician releases debut single - WHSV

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - From creating a small band with his brother to releasing his first single on music streaming platforms, Spencer Hatcher is just beginning his music career.
“I started this country band about two years ago. We started out playing about 20 shows, and we’ve progressed greatly,” Hatcher said.
Hatcher has hit the music scene in the Valley and is now trying to fight for a spot on music row in Nashville.
“Locally, we’ve developed that reputation you know we are doing the biggest stuff, the best stuff, and that’s what I want to continue to do,” Hatcher said.
Last week, Hatcher and his band released their debut single “Like a Friday Night.”
“One of my biggest goals was to release music, and it also became by far the greatest request from the audience and fans was just to have something out there,” Hatcher said.
Hatcher said it has hit new country Spotify playlists and even some radio airwaves in Richmond.
“The big goal was to release music because that’s what’s gonna push us to the next level of like opening acts and ticketed shows,” Hatcher said.
Hatcher says breaking into the country music industry can be tough.
“One obstacle is that there is really nobody that I’m able to talk to about it. You’ve got the local bands, and we have some really, really good local bands around here, but there’s really nobody that’s doing it on as large of a scale as what I’m trying to do it,” Hatcher said.
However, Hatcher has found success in growing his platform on social media.
“You know that’s one thing that I can definitely say I’ve had over the last two years is an immense amount of support from everybody it’s really been amazing, and it makes it so much easier,” Hatcher said.
He said he grew his following from 24 followers to 715,000 and growing in the last two years.
Last year Hatcher went viral on TikTok and was featured in a Mountain Dew ad.
“It’s really been interesting because I’m crossing things that I don’t think most people have had to come across,” Hatcher said.
Hatcher said he and his band are working on a full album and hope to put out new songs every month.
“It’s not the money and it’s not the fame. It’s about the appreciation of the music, so I know that if I’m filling stadiums it’s because a whole stadium worth of people appreciate the music and the work that I’ve put in,” Hatcher said.
Hatcher’s debut single, ‘Like a Friday Night’ is available on music streaming platforms.
The best way to keep up with him and find out when he’s dropping new music and coming to a venue near you is to follow him on social media.
TikTok: @spencerhatcher
Insta: @spencerhatcheroffical
Facebook: Spencer Hatcher
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