Rockstar Will Let You Make Your Own Music For GTA Online - EarlyGame
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Rockstar Will Let You Make Your Own Music For GTA Online - EarlyGame

I’m a next-gen girl myself.
According to a known insider, GTA Online could introduce a way to make your own music for the game.
Music is the essence of GTA, the blood that runs through it’s veins. Great and iconic radio stations are a marquee feature of GTA since the beginning, which is also why it features a big role in GTA Online and why the online experience keeps getting new stations and even DLC featuring figures like Dr. Dre. Now it looks like Rockstar will fulfill the dreams of players and let them create their own music for GTA Online.

This info comes from insider Tez2, who correctly revealed info on Rockstar before. Tez quotes a “reliable source” in saying, that “Rockstar will let players come up with their own mixes and beats in Grand Theft Auto Online”.
They haven’t revealed more info on this potential feature, so we’re not sure when this could come to the game nor what it could look like.
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In October 2020, Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, registered a domain called “”, which might be related to this potential new feature. That is unfortunately not clear yet, but it would be a “cool” name which would fit into the writing style of GTA.

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