Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay Reveal Year-End Roundups. Here's How to See Your Streaming Favorites of 2022 - NBC Chicago
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Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay Reveal Year-End Roundups. Here's How to See Your Streaming Favorites of 2022 - NBC Chicago

It may be the most wonderful time of the year for Spotify and Apple Music users. Before the curtains close on 2022, the streaming giants have brought out their grand finale: a time capsule of listening habits curated for each user.
Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay are each platform’s year-end series of audio trends. Both features provides users with a slew of personalized data detailing what they listened to the most throughout the year, with breakout collections revealing their top artists and songs. From finding out how many minutes of play time they spent on the app to how many different artists they tuned in to, users can dig deep into their streaming norms of 2022.
The information comes bundled in a compact design that is ripe and ready for users to share, which typically generates buzz on social media.
Spotify revealed its insights on Wednesday, marking the sixth year the feature has run on the platform. Spotify Wrapped’s 2022 rendition incorporates new quirks, such as a play on the Myers-Briggs personality test dubbed the “Listening Personality.” The feature assigns users a four-letter code that defines their listening tastes.

Apple Music released its recap on Tuesday. When Apple Music Replay initially launched in 2019, it was a custom playlist of songs users listened to during the year. Now, the roundup experience makes use of data-driven information to create what the platform calls an expansive “highlight reel” for users.
Spotify Wrapped is created for everyone with an account on the streaming platform. Users can check out their year-end roundups on Spotify’s mobile app only.

Those with access to the app can head to the home screen, where a “Your 2022 in review” message should be displayed with all of the audio insights. On top of music, Spotify also provides information about podcasts that were streamed during the year.
Additional new features include video messages from artists made out to their top listeners, along with a breakdown of how users’ listening routines shift from the morning, noon to night called “Audio Day.”
Putting personal data aside, Spotify also dished details on the most-streamed artists, songs and podcasts across the world. Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS were among Spotify’s most-streamed global artists of 2022.
Apple Music Replay is available for all platform subscribers. Users can find their personalized information on the platform’s website, which can also be accessed through the Apple Music mobile app.
Users should sign in with the same Apple ID they use with their Apple Music subscription. After users are logged on, the website will display all the insights from the year. The listing stats can be sent to social media platforms or messages through the “Share” icon.